The Mining and Exploration News in Mexico: Highlights on the Fifth Week of March, 2022

By Jorge Cirett

During the 13th week of the year (March 28th to April 3rd, 2022), at least 32 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. To note, five companies posted exploration advances on their properties, three released quarterly and full year 2021 reports, one informed on the end of a strike and one declared commercial production. One announced the granting of stock options, three updated on project work, three reported drill results on their advanced properties, two released new resource estimates. ON MEXICO ISSUES, three of the top eight silver intercepts on the fifth week of March were obtained by companies working in Mexico. For the quarter, four of the top ten silver intercepts were from projects in Mexico. ON EXPLORATION, in Sonora, Tocvan Ventures provided drill results on the Pilar project; Infinitum Copper commenced drilling at Adelita; Silver Spruce had the preventive report approved for drilling at Jackie. In Zacatecas, Galore Resources informed on drilling at Dos Santos project. In Nayarit, Sierra Madre Gold and Silver released additional trenching results at La Tigra. ON MINING, SilverCrest Metals, Excellon Resources and Mag Silver released quarterly and full year 2021 reports. Excellon Resources informed the strike on its Platosa mine in Durango was terminated. Orla Mining initiated commercial production at Camino Rojo, in Zacatecas. ON FINANCING, Inomin Mines granted stock options to director and a contractor.  ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT, Mexus Gold informed partner company Irmex is modelling the Mabel deposit in Sonora. Solaris Resources is preparing exploration work at La Verde, in Michoacan. Vizsla Silver reported drill results at Panuco, in Sinaloa. Prime Mining delivered drill results from Los Reyes, in Sinaloa. Discovery Silver released results from 17 holes at Cordero, Chihuahua. Torex Gold presented results of the updated technical report on the Morelos Complex in Guerrero. First Majestic Silver presented 2021 resource estimates for its properties. Silver Valley Metals updated on its potassium-lithium salars in Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi. ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES, Tamino Minerals is triggering a securities fraud probe. Huntington Exploration acquired the El Grande project in Nayarit. Xali Gold ratified the agreement on the tailings with El Oro Municipality in Estado de Mexico. Prime Meridian Resource updated on the purchase of La Verde project in Sonora.  ON SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, no relevant news.


  • Of the top eight silver intersects released on the fifth week of March, three were by companies working in Mexico, according to Miner Deck. Discovery Silver was first with 45.6 m @ 125 gpt Ag at Cordero in Chihuahua, Vizsla Silver was sixth 2.75 m @ 322 gpt Ag at Panuco, in Sinaloa, and Prime Mining was eighth with 42.7 m @ 43 gpt Ag at Los Reyes, in Sinaloa.
  • According to Miner Deck, of the top ten silver intersects released on Q1 2022, four were by companies working in Mexico. Pan American Silver was fourth with 322.9 m @ 64 gpt Ag at La Colorada Skarn in Zacatecas, GoGold Resources was fifth with 25.7 m @ 776 gpt Ag at Los Ricos, in Jalisco; Silver Tiger was eight with 25.9 m @ 687 gpt Ag at El Tigre, in Sonora and Radius Gold was tenth with 96 m @ 167 gpt Ag at Amalia, in Chihuahua.


  • Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. announced additional results from the ongoing trenching program at La Tigra, in Nayarit. Highlighted intervals comprise 6.1 m @ 0.98 gpt Au; 24.2 m @ 1.59 gpt Au (including 4.7 m @ 5.58 gpt Au); 22.9 m @ 1.78 gpt Au, 6 gpt Ag; 6.6 m @ 3.42 gpt Au.
  • Galore Resources Inc. provided a drilling update of Los Gemelos, at its Dos Santos project in Zacatecas. Three holes have been finished on the San José area, showing recrystallized limestone, dikes and sills of intermediate composition with phyllic and argillic alteration, multiple bodies with hydroxides, hematite, calcite, and local sulfides and quartz, and hydrothermal breccia cemented by calcite and iron oxides. ”The mineralization is repetitive that is concentrated as veins, veins and stratabound bodies, hosted between the carbonate marine sedimentary sequence and the cupula of an unexhumed pluton….”.
  • Tocvan Ventures Corp. provided results for the three first holes of the phase III drilling campaign at Pilar, in Sonora. Highlighted drill-length intervals comprise 33.3 m @ 0.63 gpt Au (including 21.7 m @ 0.94 gpt Au) and 5.5 m @ 0.64 gpt Au, 10 gpt Ag in core holes and 6.1 m @ 0.51 gpt Au, 8 gpt Ag in a reverse circulation hole.
  • Infinitum Copper Corp. commenced diamond drilling at La Adelita project in Sonora and Sinaloa. The program envisages a total of 9,000 m of drilling in two phases, with phase I consisting of 3,000 m targeting areas within and adjacent to the existing mineralized zones, and some drilling on new zones like Cerro Grande footwall, Pericos and Las Trancas Sur. A magneto-telluric geophysical is underway, and is expected to aid in targeting.
  • Silver Spruce Resources Inc. informed the approval by SEMARNAT (environmental agency) of the preventive report for the 1,130 hectares Jackie project in Sonora. “Exploration plans were submitted for a 500-1,000-metre trenching program followed by an initial 1,000-2,000-metre reverse circulation drill program”.


  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. reported the financial results for the year 2021. At the end of the year construction progress at Las Chispas in Sonora was 86.2%, slightly ahead of schedule. Since 2019 over 17.5 km of underground development has been completed at Las Chispas, and during last year 114,143 m of drilling were completed, mostly as infill holes. At El Picacho, 40 km north of Las Chispas, 80,700 m of drilling were completed in 2021. At the end of the period the SilverCrest held cash and cash equivalents of $176.5 M, and $30 M remaining under a $120 M financing facility.
  • Excellon Resources Inc. posted financial results for Q4 and full year 2021. During the year, 85.5 K tonnes were mined, 86.0 K tonnes milled @ 494 gpt Ag, 5.01% Pb, 6.03% Zn, recovering 90.5% Ag, 78.5% Pb, 83.7% Zn, to produce 1.22 M Oz Ag, 7.61 M Lb Pb, 9.01 M Lb Zn (2.02 M Oz AgEq). Cash cost was $13.01 per Oz Ag and AISC $26.78 per Ag Oz. “current mining is entering an area of the deposit that steepens significantly, with fewer vertical-tonnes-per-metre than historically encountered…. the Company currently expects to wind down operations at Platosa during Q3 2022, subject to results from ongoing exploration programs” (Note by editor.- Although high-grade, Platosa seems to be at the end of its mine life due to a combination of deeper ores and high de-watering costs).
  • Excellon Resources Inc. announced on April 1, 2022 the resolution of the labor action initiated on March 7 by the Sindicato Nacional Minero Metalúrgico (Miner’s Union) at its Platosa mine in Durango.
  • Mag Silver Corp. presented its financial results for year 2021. The 4,000 tpd Juanicipio (56% Fresnillo PLC, 44% Mag Silver) plant was delivered to plant commissioning late in Q4, but due to regulatory approval commissioning was extended to Q2 2022. It is expected the plant to be working 85% to 90% of capacity by late 2022. Processing of mineralized headings from Juanicipio continues at the nearby Fresnillo plant and has begun to be processed at the Saucito facilities; Processing rates have increased from 38 K tonnes per month in Q4 to 45 K tonnes on the first two months of 2022. During 2021, 251.9 K tonnes from Juanicipio were processed, averaging 470 gpt Ag, to produce 2.97 M Oz Ag, 5,975 Oz Au, 1,065 tonnes Pb, 1,519 tonnes Zn. According to Juanicipio operator, Fresnillo PLC, the project construction is expected to be delivered on budget at $440 M. As of end of 2021 Mag held cash of $56.7 M.
  • Orla Mining Ltd. declared commercial production at the Camino Rojo Oxide mine in Zacatecas. “The declaration of commercial production at Camino Rojo comes after a successful commissioning period which included the ramp up of mining and processing to sustained throughput levels in excess of 75% of designed nameplate capacity of 18,000 tonnes per day”.


  • Inomin Mines Inc. informed 350 K stock options were granted to director and a contractor of the company (La Gitana, Oaxaca).


  • Mexus Gold US. informed that its partner at the Mabel project in Sonora, Irmex, “has been working on modelizing the Mexus data including the 611 core and RC holes previously carried out by Pacific Comox before acquisition by Mexus Gold”. To date Irmex has calculated a volume of 184.4 K tonnes @ 1.15 gpt Au, 76 gpt Ag, but work continues to increase the resource. Signature of the definitive agreement is planned for late April 2022.
  • Solaris Resources Inc. is planning more exploration work to advance its La Verde project (60% Solaris, 40% Teck) in Michoacan. The work envisaged includes the possible extensions of higher-grade ore. A spin-off company, Solaris Exploration, probably will continue with the work on La Verde, while Solaris Resources focus in Ecuador.
  • Vizsla Silver Corp. reported results from 53 holes on the Napoleon vein corridor at Panuco, in Sinaloa. The mineralized zone has been extended 350 m, which takes the total length of the corridor to 2,500 m. Highlighted true-width intervals comprise 4.00 m @ 55 gpt Ag, 20.38 gpt Au, 0.2% Pb, 3.0% Zn and 9.42 m @ 85 gpt Ag, 2.73 gpt Au, 0.9% Pb, 4.1% Zn (including 2.17 m @ 85 gpt Ag, 7.91 gpt Au, 1.2% Pb, 7.4% Zn) on the Napoleon vein, 2.7 m @ 746 gpt Ag, 6.27 gpt Au, 0.7% Pb, 2.9% Zn on the Napoleon hanging wall vein and 0.47 m @ 17 gpt Ag, 60.5 gpt Au, 0.4% Pb, 1.4% Zn at the Josephine vein.
  • Prime Mining Corp. released results from the phase II drill program on El Zapote Sur, one of eight ore deposits, at its Los Reyes project in Sinaloa. Highlighted true-width intervals comprise 27.4 m @ 2.38 gpt Au, 43 gpt Ag; 5.8 m @ 7.75 gpt Au, 57 gpt Ag; 3.9 m @ 2.68 gpt Au, 15 gpt Ag; 5.6 m @ 2.91 gpt Au, 41 gpt Ag; 4.3 m @ 2.73 gpt Au, 23 gpt Ag; 8.8 m @ 1.49 gpt Au, 20 gpt Ag; 2.3 m @ 7.10 gpt Au, 20 gpt Ag; 5.3 m @ 1.92 gpt Au, 42 gpt Ag; 18.2 m @ 1.09 gpt Au, 32 gpt Ag. Currently nine rigs are operating at Los Reyes, having completed 30,000 m (in 106 holes) of the planned 50,000 m program. “Mineralization at Zapote South consists primarily of white to grey crystalline to chalcedonic quartz, quartz breccia and stockwork ….. fault structures within or along the margins of rhyolite dykes …… Quartz is massive to crustiform, locally displaying colliform to bladed replacement textures. Higher-grade intervals are marked by finely banded green adularia”.
  • Discovery Silver Corp. informed on results from 17 holes from the phase 2 drilling program at Cordero, in Chihuahua. Highlighted core-length intervals comprise 45.6 m @ 125 gpt Ag, 0.54 gpt Au, 2.0% Pb, 2.7% Zn (328 gpt AgEq); 177.4 m @ 27 gpt Ag, 0.03 gpt Au, 0.1% Pb, 1.1% Zn (74 gpt AgEq); 44.5 m @ 20 gpt Ag, 0.03 gpt Au, 0.1% Pb, 2.2% Zn (106 gpt AgEq) outside the current resource, 38.6 m @ 91 gpt Ag, 0.11 gpt Au, 1.3% Pb, 1.3% Zn (189 gpt AgEq) beneath the PEA pit and 32.3 m @ 70 gpt Ag, 0.12 gpt Au, 0.8% Pb, 1.0% Zn (142 gpt AgEq); 17.7 m @ 68 gpt Au, 0.03 gpt Au, 0.3% Pb, 0.4% Zn on the margins of the PEA pit. “This current set of results was predominantly targeting the expansion of the open pit and the resource in the northeast of the deposit”.
  • Torex Gold Resources Inc. presented the results of the updated technical report on its Morelos Complex in Guerrero. The Morelos Complex has a baseline cumulative cash flow of $1,418 M and after-tax (NPV 5%) of $1,040 M, while the Media Luna (ML) projects presents an after-tax NPV(5%) of $458 M. Life of mine (LOM) estimated at 11.5 years, commencing in April 2022, with an annualized production of 374 K Oz AuEq at total cash cost $809 per Oz AuEq and AISC of $954 per Oz AuEq. Total mineral reserves of 5.123 M Oz AuEq @ 3.90 gpt AuEq.
  • First Majestic Silver Corp. announced its 2021 mineral reserve and mineral resource estimates for the company’s properties, including figures from its operations in Mexico. In its three Mexican mines (San Dimas in Durango, Santa Elena/Ermitaño in Sonora and La Encantada in Coahuila), the company holds 63 M Oz Ag, 879 K Oz Au in the proven and probable categories (included in resources), as well as 111 M Oz Ag, 1.28 M Oz Au in the measured and indicated resource categories and 75 M Oz Ag, 829 K Oz Au in the inferred resource category.
  • Silver Valley Metals Corp. updated on its potassium-lithium salars in Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi. “it is in advanced discussions and under NDA’s with several well financed and highly technical groups ……… All options remain open for the Company, including a direct investment into the Company itself and the Company moving the project forward, to a joint venture, to a spin out of the asset, to a buy-out of the entire asset”. The inferred resource on the properties comprise 243 K tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent and 12.3 M tonnes of sulphate potash in 120 M tonnes @ 4.6% K, 380 ppm Li.


  • Tamino Minerals Inc. informed it is planning to trigger a Securities Fraud Probe against whomever results responsible of highly unusual “market activity witnessed during the last several months” (El Volcan, Sonora).
  • Huntington Exploration Inc. completed the acquisition of Lago de Oro S.A. de C.V. and its 550 square km El Grande gold project in Nayarit. A definitive agreement was reached to purchase all shares of the holding company for a cash payment of US$500 K, issuing 4 M shares of the company, a 2% NSR to the vendor and milestone payments on resources above 500 K Oz Au backed by NI-43-101 technical reports, capped at 20 M shares.
  • Xali Gold Corp. announced the ratification of the tailings and tourism agreements with the El Oro Municipality on El Oro tailings project in Estado de Mexico. “Renewing the Tailings Agreement is the final item required for Sun River Gold Corp (“Sun River”), who have the option to acquire 100% of the Tailings Project from Xali’s subsidiary…. The Tailings Agreement provides Xali Gold with the right to recover all available gold and silver from the tailings deposit and pay to the Municipality of El Oro an 8% Net Profits Interest”.
  • Prime Meridian Resources Corp. updated on the option to purchase La Verde project in Sonora. Prime Meridian (PMR) formed the Mexican subsidiary Sonoran Copper, S.A. de C.V. and reserved the new company’s new name Sonoran Desert Corporation. PMR has to make a US$200 K payment on Exchange approval, and a further US$200 K payment on late February 2023. Also, Cdn$3.75 M in shares of PMR prior to the first anniversary, and Cdn$2.5 M of PMR shares on the second anniversary. A 2% NSR on production from skarn mineralization will be retained by the vendor, and a 2% NSR on production from porphyry mineralization, with PMR having the right to buy 1% for US$1 M.


  • No Relevant News.

On the image below: Epidote bearing porphyritic rock from a project in the Sonoran desert. Picture by Jorge Cirett.

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