US Antimony Reports Strong Production – February 2018

us antimony reports strong production_feb 2018

THOMPSON FALL, MT / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2018 / United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC,” NYSE American: UAMY) reported estimated sales for December 2017 and January 2018 were as follows:
Product December 2017 January 2018 % Change
Antimony pounds 76,868 212,764 +177%
Zeolite short tons 909 1,337 + 47%

Antimony sales were 135,896 pounds or 177% greater in January 2018 than December 2017 due to the fact that customers do not want large inventories at year end. USAC’s Mexican production has been more meaningful as the North American supply of raw materials has slowed down.

U.S. Antimony Reports Plans to Increase Mexican Mine Production

THOMPSON FALLS, MT / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2017 / United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC,” NYSE American: UAMY) reported plans to increase Mexican mine production at three of its four mines in the next 30 days. USAC production is in a “sold out condition” and additional raw material is needed for the USAC smelter at Madero, Coahuila, Mexico.

In San Luis Potosi at the Wadley Mine, the gravity mill will be started on lower grade ore that has accrued during the mining of direct shipping ore (DSO) for the smelter. Typically, this ore will make a 35-45% antimony concentrate that is also shipped to Madero. This could increase production by 25-50% at the Wadley mine. In Queretaro, the Soyatal District mines are awaiting new powder magazines to start production of DSO and mill feed for the mill at Puerto Blanco. Grades similar to the Wadley are expected. In Zacatecas, the Guadalupe Mines access road will be repaired and mining will be resumed at the Santa Monica mine for DSO and mill feed for the Puerto Blanco flotation and gravity mill circuits.

In Queretaro, a fourth mine, the Los Juarez gold/silver/antimony mine, awaits a permit from SEMARNAT (Mexican equivalent of the EPA) for the cyanide circuit at the Puerto Blanco mill, which is in the final stages of approval.



September 11, 2017. Thompson Falls, Montana. United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”, NYSE American “UAMY”) reported the successful production of antimony tri-sulfide per military MIL-A-159D specification. The product is used in all center-fire cartridges for military and commercial production. Initial production was on a small scale, but additional equipment is being installed to enter the market. The product contains 70.5% antimony. At a Rotterdam price for metal at $3.833 per pound, the antimony in the tri-sulfide would be worth approximately $10.75 per pound. Additional markets include the friction brake industry.


SEMARNAT (Mexican equivalent of the EPA) is expected to approve the cyanide circuit at the Puerto Blanco mill for the Los Juarez gold/silver/antimony property within 30 days.

U.S. Antimony Reports Major Antimony Cost Reductions

THOMPSON FALLS, MT / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2017 / United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”) (NYSE American: UAMY) reported major cost reductions at its Mexican antimony smelter. As a result of metallurgical changes, the Company has drastically cut costs and increased production rates. The approximate reductions for fuel costs are 50%, electricity 55%, and reagents 75%. Maintenance and other costs are being evaluated. Extra manpower will be assigned to processing Los Juarez production. The Company expects to see these lower costs impacting the Company’s reported financials beginning in Q3 2017.


July 3, 2017. Thompson Falls, Montana. United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”, NYSE MKT “UAMY”) reported that following the milling of 400 metric tons of Los Juarez gold/silver/antimony at the Puerto Blanco mill in Guanajuato, Mexico that it will proceed with the cyanide circuit to increase the recoveries of both the silver and gold from the flotation mill tailings. Initial results of the floatation assays without the cyanide circuit are as follows:

Item Gold Silver Antimony
Heads 0.035 opmt 3.27 opmt 0.652%
Tails 0.016 opmt 1.618 opmt 0.348%
Recovered grade 0.019 opmt 1.65 opmt 0.17%
% recovery 52.8% 49.6% 31.5

(opmt = ounces per metric ton)

The flotation concentrate contained 2.52 opmt gold, 496.4 opmt silver, and 52.0% antimony. The floatation concentrates will be processed by the caustic leach circuit which is operational.

Cyanide testing of the mill tailings has indicated excellent recoveries, and the antimony recovery has been on the order of 70% at lower depths. The estimated recovery of the values after the caustic leach and cyanide circuit of the tailings is as follows:

Metal Assay Recovery Value Value /mt
Gold 0.035 opmt 90% $1,250/oz $39.38
Silver 3.27 opmt 90% $16.50/oz $48.56
Antimony 0.652% 70% $3.90/lb $39.12
Total $127.06

Construction of the cyanide leach circuit for the Puerto Blanco mill tailings will begin when the permit is approved by SEMARNAT (Mexican equivalent of the EPA). Tentatively, the plan is to leach in Mexico and handle the second part of the process in Montana which is expected to cut Capex costs significantly, reduce operating costs, and expedite the start of the circuit.

Following are the sales estimates for Q2 2017 compared to Q2 2016:

Product Q2 2017 Q2 2016 % change
Antimony pounds 505,760 732,802 -31.0
Zeolite tons 3,352 4,218 -20.5
Silver ounces 17,552.32 29,219.25 -39.9
Gold ounces 61.1552 76.09 -19.62

U.S. Antimony Reports Start of Los Juarez Pilot Production

THOMPSON FALLS, MT / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2017 / United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”, NYSE MKT: UAMY) reported that approximately 400 metric tons of Los Juarez gold/silver/antimony rock has been trucked to the Puerto Blanco mill in Guanajuato, Mexico and milled. Initial results using X-ray are encouraging, but we are awaiting results by a third party lab. The permit for a cyanide leach circuit for the Puerto Blanco mill tailings has been reviewed by SEMARNAT (Mexican equivalent of EPA), and USAC is changing the location and design of the tailings pond to comply with their request.

U.S. Antimony Reports Mining in Mexico

THOMPSON FALLS, MT / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2017 / United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC,” NYSE MKT: UAMY) reports the following production estimates for Q1, 2017:

Product Q1, 2017 Q1, 2016 % Change
Antimony pounds 591,942 912,841 -35
Zeolite tons 3,356 3,097 +8
Gold ounces, North America 24.6 40.0 -38.5
Gold ounces, Australia 56.3867 34.977 +61.2
Silver ounces, North America 8,639 12,973 -33.4

Q1 2017 antimony production was lower than Q1 2016 due to the end of the processing of Australian concentrates. Since the beginning of 2017, the Company has accelerated the mining at Wadley and Soyatal to compensate for the Australian supply. During Q1 2017, these two properties produced an estimated 200,000 pounds of contained antimony for the Madero smelter. The smelter has only processed 132,092 pounds of metal that is being shipped to the United States as finished metal. During this period, more furnaces were brought on line at Madero.

The Rotterdam price of antimony grade I metal has increased during Q1 2017 from $7,350 per metric ton ($3.33 per pound) to $8,750 per metric ton ($3.97 per pound). USAC will benefit from the increased prices especially with Mexican production.

U.S. Antimony Reports Antimony Prices and Production

THOMPSON FALLS, MT / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2017 / United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”) (NYSE MKT: UAMY) reports significant price increases in antimony and that it has successfully transitioned from custom smelting antimony concentrates at the Madero, Coahuila, Mexico plant to its own mine production. This Company’s antimony business plan is to accelerate production from its Mexican antimony mines with internal cash flow. The mines had been idle for two years.

With its own antimony raw materials, USAC will benefit fully from price increases, rather than just the smelting fees and small percentages of the price increases. Additionally, the company will enjoy lower processing and trucking costs.

U.S. Antimony Reports Production

THOMPSON FALLS, MT / ACCESSWIRE / February 6, 2017 / United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”) (NYSE MKT: UAMY) reported production estimates for 2016 and 2015 as follows:

Product 2016 2015 % change
Antimony pounds 2,936,880 2,487,321 +18.1
Gold ounces 604.75 89.12 +578.7
Silver ounces 38,123.46 30,420.75 +25.3
Zeolite tons 13,468 15,268 -11.8

Antimony production during 2016 increased 18.1% over that of 2015 due to the increased supply of raw materials. During the first half of 2016, the Rotterdam price for metal hit a low of $2.40 per pound and by the end of the year it reached $3.52, an increase of $1.12, or 46.7%, per pound.

U.S. Antimony Reports Mexican Production

THOMPSON FALLS, Mont. – (BUSINESS WIRE –United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”, NYSE MKT “UAMY”) reported that it has started production from its own Mexican antimony and gold and silver properties. January production could be approximately 50,000 pounds of antimony, and the production will be ramped up from internally generated cash flow.

The Company will produce metallic antimony in Mexico in 2017 for direct shipment to customers in the United States and other countries. This will provide a large savings in freight and processing costs compared to final processing in Montana. Additionally, USAC will enjoy the full amount of antimony price increases rather than the small percentage it receives by smelting custom raw materials.