The Mining and Exploration News in Mexico: Highlights on the Third Week of January, 2019.

Kaolin in a Hg prospect

By Miguel A Heredia

During the third week of the year (January 14th to January 20th, 2019), at least 31 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico, with thirteen communicating production results, eight informing on exploration results, seven disclosing deals and corporate issues, one announcing financing rounds, one discussing Mexican issues, and one reporting a feasibility study for mine expansion on its property. ON MEXICO ISSUES, Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, mining leader and senator of the MORENA party, declared that is ready to go over the mining companies that do not pay enough taxes, pollute the environment and have too much ground in mining concessions.  ON EXPLORATION, In Sonora, San Marco, Silver Viper, Mexus, Sonoro, and Ridgestone announced drilling results from their Chunibas, La Virginia, Santa Elena, Cerro Caliche, and Rebeico properties respectively. In Chihuahua, Mammoth posted a technical report on its 2017-2018 drilling program at its Tenoriba project, and VVC released drilling results from its Samalayuca project.  In Sinaloa, Goldplay outlined 5 new exploration targets at its San Marcial project.  ON MINING, Alamos Gold, Alio, Premier, Coeur, GoGold, McEwen, Excellon, Avino, Hecla, Goldcorp, Fortuna and First Majestic reported Q4 and full year 2018 production results from their Mexican operations. Mako Mining reported that are pumping water from its Taunus pit at La Trinidad mine in Sinaloa and expect to commence mining by month end.  Great Panther provided 2019 production and cost guidance for their Mexican operations. ON FINANCING, Impact closed the second and final tranche of a non-brokered private placement for $1.19M for a total raise of $1.7M.  ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT, Leagold announced a feasibility study for the expansion of its Los Filos mine in Guerrero. ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES, Goldplay announced the listing of its shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (San Marcial, Sinaloa). Mako reported that now holds a 100% interest in the La Trinidad mine in Sinaloa. SilverCrest announced executive appointments (Las Chispas project, Sonora). Oroco provided an update on its option to acquire an additional interest in its Santo Tomas project in Sinaloa. Prize provided an update about an order on regulatory matters issued by the Alberta Securities Commission (Manto Negro project, Coahuila). Newmont and Goldcorp entered into a definitive agreement to create the world´s leading gold company.  Minera Alamos launched new website (Santana project, Sonora).


  • Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, mining leader and senator of the MORENA party, declared that is ready to go over the mining companies that do not pay enough taxes, pollute the environment and have too ground in mineral concessions. The mining leader is reviewing mineral concessions and said that mining companies should contribute to the government with more revenues. He also said that the Mining Law of Mexico has to be regulated in accordance with the interests of the country. “We are looking at the cancellation terms for a concession and its extension, because 50, 100 years is too long,” he explained. The senator also mentioned not to have in mind any particular tax for companies.


  • San Marco Resources Inc., released phase 1 drilling results from its Chunibas project in Sonora, where, under a JV option agreement with a subsidiary of Antofagasta plc., the company is exploring several Cu-Ag rich mineralized targets mapped on surface. Drilling carried out at Chunibas project consisted of 1,640m in 7 shallow drill holes and tested 2km of the NW-SE striking mineralized corridor with 5 drill holes, and 400m of a NE-SW section perpendicular to the  corridor with 2 drill holes. The drilling program has confirmed the existence of a typical Cu-Ag manto-type system. Highlights include hole CHD18-05 with 7.5m of 0.1% Cu and 2 g/t Ag and 22m of 0.05% Cu and 0.7 g/t Ag; hole CHD18-06 with 3m of 0.08% Cu and 0.6 g/t Ag; and hole CHD18-07 with 6m of 0.06% Cu and 0.3 g/t Ag.
  • Silver Viper Minerals Corp., reported second batch drilling results from its la Virginia project in Sonora. Significant results are at El Rubi Zone in hole LV18-201 with 13.3m (6m TW) with 3.16 g/t Au and 228 g/t Ag (6.42 g/t AuEq), including 4m (1.8m TW) of 3.75 g/t Au and 258 g/t Ag (7.43 g/t AuEq), and including 1m (0.45m TW) of 8.30 g/t Au and 782 g/t Ag (19.47 g/t AuEq); hole LV18-200 with 12m (9m TW) of 1.52 g/t Au and 133 g/t Ag (3.42 g/t AuEq), including 2m (1.5m TW) of 5.51 g/t Au and 537 g/t Ag (13.18 g/t AuEq); and hole LV18-203 with 10m (5m TW) of 1.1 g/t Au and 97 g/t Ag (2.48 g/t AuEq), and 12m (6m TW) of 1.37 g/t Au and 81 g/t Ag (2.53 g/t AuEq), including 1m (0. 5m TW) of 13.20 g/t Au and 780 g/t Ag (24.34 g/t AuEq). A third and final batch of results are pending and will be released once the assays are received.
  • Mexus Gold US, announced that the 1st phase of drilling at its Santa Elena project in Sonora has been completed. Final results are expected to arrive in February 2019. Until now, “Hole 7 is the best evidence of high-grade gold at 9.89 g/t Au with an attractive width of 5.3 meters and an overall average of 3.12 g/t Au”.
  • Sonoro Metals Corp., completed 45 RC holes totaling 4,604m at its Cerro Caliche project in Sonora, confirming a luster of eight northwest trending gold-dominant structures surrounded by parallel sheeted veinlets and stockwork veinlets. Significant drill intersections are Highlights from the final 14 holes include 12.19m of 11.2 g/t Au and 5.9 g/t Ag (11.3 g/t AuEq); 4.57m of 4.67 g/t Au and 2 g/t Ag (4.69 g/t AuEq); and 12.19m of 0.82 g/t Au and 8.5 g/t Ag (0.95 g/t AuEq).
  • Ridgestone Mining Inc., released final assay results from an initial drill program conducted at its Rebeico project in Sonora. Significant intersections are in hole 18REB6 with 3.25m of 8.31 g/t Au and 2.41% Cu, including 0.5m of 6.95 g/t Au and 1.31% Cu, and 1m of 17.7 g/t Au and 5.95% Cu, and 1m of 5.59 g/t Au and 0.83% Cu; and hole 18REB10 with 1.5m of 36.1 g/t Au and 1.22 g/t Ag, and 1.46 g/t Au and 0.07% Cu.
  • Mammoth Resources Corp., posted an internal technical report based on 13 holes totaling 2,700m drilled during its 2017-2018 drilling program conducted on its Tenoriba project in Chihuahua. Some of the conclusions are: At El Moreno area, feldspar porphyry intrusive rocks were intersected displaying porphyry –style mineralization including disseminated sulphides and complex stockworks-sulphide rich veinlets. Hole TEN 17-02 intersected 80m of 0.17 g/t AuEq: Phyllic-pyrite alteration was also identified in drill core and consists of illite-tourmaline and dickite; K-feldspar flooding was observed at deeper intervals and the presence of 7.2m of 3.59% Cu in hole TEN 17-03. At the Carneritos area, mineralization identified is more typical of high sulphidation and consists of narrow pyrite rich veinlets in a stockwork texture associated with silica, dickite and local patchy vuggy silica alteration. Hole TEN 17-06 intersected 126.08m of 0.52 g/t AuEq, including 25m of 1.21 g/t AuEq.
  • VVC Exploration Corporation, announced the results for the last 11 drill holes from its Samalayuca project in Chihuahua. The most significant intersections are in hole SC18-056 with 19.65m of 0.32% Cu; hole SC18-057 with 28m of 0.79% Cu; and hole SC18-058 with 5m of 0.55% Cu. “The 2017/18 drilling program confirmed significant, near surface, copper mineralization over an approximate 5km strike length.”
  • Goldplay Exploration Ltd., outlined with soil and rock sampling five new exploration targets at its San Marcial project in Sinaloa. Faisanes, Cabañas, Nava, Pedregal, and Chachalaca targets have been prioritized for follow up exploration and detailed geological mapping in H1, 2019. “The Cabañas and Faisanes targets demonstrate very similar geology to the historic resource, while the Nava and Pedregal targets indicate a NE-SW trending structural setting, superimposed on a volcanic package of rhyolites and andesites cut by dioritic dykes. The Chachalaca trend is interpreted as a NW-SE trending structural setting, with geology dominated by rhyolites and andesites”.


  • Alamos Gold Inc., reported its Q4 and annual 2018 production results from their Mulatos and El Chanate mines in Sonora. Production from Mulatos in Q4 was 35.6K Oz Au for a full year 2018 of 175.5K Oz Au. At El Chanate mine, Alamos produced 35.6K Oz Au in Q4 2018 for an annual 2018 production of 43.7K Oz Au. Alamos Gold expects to produce between 150K-160K Oz Au in 2019. Mining activities ceased at El Chanate mine in Q4 2018 and has transitioned to residual leaching which will result in a declining rate of production through 2019.
  • Alio Gold Inc., announced its Q4 and full year 2018 production results from its San Francisco Mine in Sonora. At its San Francisco mine the company achieved a Q4 production of 10.3K Oz Au for a full year 2018 production of 54K Oz Au. The company reported that “there are sufficient stockpiles to operate at full capacity throughout 2019 (as at July 1, 2018, the low-grade stockpile consisted of approximately 7.2 M tonnes of 0.26 g/t gold material (60.2K contained Oz Au). Gold production at San Francisco mine is expected to remain consistent with current production levels for at least the first half of 2019”.
  • Premier Gold Mines Limited, reported its Q4 and full year 2018 production results from its Mercedes mine in Sonora. In Q4, the company produced 22.5K Oz Au and 119K Oz Ag for an annual 2018 production of 68.7K Oz Au and 309.2K Oz Ag.
  • Coeur Mining Inc., released its Q4 and full 2018 production results from its Palmarejo mine in Chihuahua. In Q4, Coeur milled 378,389 tonnes of 2.49 g/t Au and 185 g/t Ag to produce 31.2K Oz Au and 1.9M Oz Ag with metallurgical recoveries of 97.6% and 84% respectively. For the full year 2018, the company milled 1,382,471 tonnes of 3.1 g/t Au and 202 g/t Ag to produce 122.7K Oz Au and 7.5M Oz Ag with metallurgical recoveries of 88.9% and 83.8% respectively.
  • GoGold Resources Inc, announced its Q4 2018 production results from its Parral operation in Chihuahua. In Q4, GoGold produced 1,828 Oz Au and 168K Oz Ag for a total of 325K Oz AgEq.
  • Mc Ewen Mining Inc., presented its Q4 and annual 2018 production results from its El Gallo mine in Sinaloa. The company produced 5.6K Oz AuEq in Q4 for a total full 2018 production of 39.1K Oz AuEq. By the end of Q2 2018, mining and crushing activities ceased at El Gallo mine and were followed by residual heap leaching. Closure, reclamation, and residual heap leaching activities are ongoing and will continue for several years.
  • Excellon Resources Inc., announced its Q4 and annual 2018 production results from its Platosa mine in Durango. Excellon milled 16,570 tonnes of 556 g/t Ag, 4.9% Pb and 6% Zn in Q4 to produce 274.3M Oz Ag, 1.5M Lb Pb, and 1.8M Lb Zn. In the full 2018 year, Excellon milled 57,475 tonnes of 488 g/t Ag, 4.8% Pb, and 6.9% Zn to produce 917.7M Oz Ag, 5.4M Lb Pb, and 7.9M Lb Zn.
  • Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd., presented its Q4 and full year 2018 production results from their Avino, San Gonzalo and Above Ground Stockpiles in Durango. In Q4, the company milled 189,574 consolidated tonnes of 64 g/t Ag, 0.5 g/t Au, 0.44% Cu to produce 288.6K Oz Ag, 1,973 Oz Au, and 1.4M Lb Cu with metallurgical recoveries of 75%, 64% and 72% respectively. For the full 2018 year, Avino milled 708.7K tonnes of 73 g/t Ag, 0.53 g/t Au, and 0.43% Cu to produce 1.3M Oz Ag, 8K Oz Au, and 4.8M Lb Cu with metallurgical recoveries of 76%, 65%, and 72% respectively.
  • Hecla Mining Company, announced its Q4 and annual 2018 production results from its San Sebastian mine in Durango. Hecla produced 443.3K Oz Ag and 2,928 Oz Au in Q4 and 2M Oz Ag and 15K Oz Au in the full 2018 year. The mill operated at an average of 429tpd in 2018.
  • Goldcorp Inc., released its Q4 and annual 2018 production results from their operations. Goldcorp did not report results by mine but produced 630K Oz Au in Q4 and 2.3M Oz Au in the full 2018 year.
  • Fortuna Silver Mines Inc., reported its Q4 and annual 2018 production results from its San Jose mine in Oaxaca. Fortuna milled 256,181 tonnes of 1.58 g/t Au and 230 g/t Ag in Q4 to produce 11.8K Oz Au and 1.7M Oz Ag. In the full 2018 year, Fortuna milled 534,773 tonnes of 1.75 g/t Au and 260 g/t Ag to produce 53.5K Oz Au and 8M Oz Ag.
  • First Majestic Silver Corp., presented its mine by mine Q4 2018 production results from their Mexican operations. The table below shows production details for each mine:

  • Mako Mining Corp., reported that are still in the process of dewatering the Taunus pit at its La Trinidad mine in Sinaloa and has already reached bench -56, where there are over 57M tonnes of blasted rock of 1.35 g/t Au. The company expects to commence mining by month end, at which time crushing and stacking on the leach pad can once again resume. There is an estimated of 30K Oz of recoverable Au left in the Taunus pit. The Company is still evaluating the safest and most effective mine plan to recover the remaining Oz Au.
  • Great Panther Silver Limited, provided 2019 production and cost guidance for their two Mexican operations: Topia in Durango and the Guanajuato mine complex which includes the San Ignacio and the Guanajuato mines. Great Panther expects to produce in 2019 over 3.7-4.0 M AgEq. The company also has taken the step of realigning their Mexican operations to reduce cost and maximize mine operating cash-flow, with a modest reduction in their production ounces.



  • Impact Silver Corp., closed the second and final tranche of a non-brokered private placement for $1.19M for a total raise of $1.7M. Gross proceeds will be used to explore its Zacualpan project in State of Mexico for additional potential targets, to improve the efficiency at its Guadalupe production mill, and for general working capital purposes.


  • Leagold Mining Corporation, announced a feasibility study for the expansion of its Los Filos mine in Guerrero. Highlights of the FS are: production of 3.3M Oz Au over a 10-year mine life (2019-2028) at an average AISC of $795; and proven and probable mineral reserves of 111.3M tonnes of 1.23 g/t Au containing a total of 4.5M Oz Au. Post expansion (2021 onwards) include an average annual production of 350K Oz Au at AISC of $759/Oz and an average annual production exceeding 400K Oz Au from 2012 to 2013.


  • Goldplay Exploration Ltd, announced the listing of its shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol GPE effective January 15, 2019 (San Marcial project, Sinaloa).
  • Mako Mining Corp., completed the acquisition of Golden Reign Resources Ltd., from Marlin Gold Mining Ltd., and now holds a 100% interest in the la Trinidad mine in Sinaloa.
  • SilverCrest Metals Inc., announced the appointment of its VP Exploration and Technical Services and its Executive VP Business Development (Las Chispas project, Sonora).
  • Oroco Resource Corp., engaged an independent QP to prepare a technical report on its Santo Tomas property in Sinaloa. It allows Oroco to acquire an additional interest on the property.
  • Prize Mining Corporation, provided an update about the order issued by the Alberta Securities Commission on December 21, 2019, requiring that all trading in securities of Prize cease and that Prize must cease trading in all securities. Prize applied for a further adjournment and now the Alberta Securities Commission issued a variation order dated January 14, 2019 to adjourn the hearing to February 1, 2019.
  • Newmont Mining Corporation & Goldcorp Inc., entered into a definitive agreement to form Newmont Goldcorp and create the world´s leading gold company. Newmont will acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Goldcorp in a stock-by-stock transaction valued in $10B. “Newmont Goldcorp’s Reserves and Resources will represent the largest in the gold sector and will be located in favorable mining jurisdictions in the Americas, Australia and Ghana, representing approximately 75 percent, 15 percent and 10 percent, respectively”. The Boards of Directors of both companies have unanimously approved the transaction, which is expected to be closed in Q2, 2019.
  • Minera Alamos Inc., launched a new brand and improved website.

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On the picture above, kaolin in a Hg prospect in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  Photo by Miguel A Heredia.

Kootenay Sampling Program Returns Several High-Grade Results At Copalito Silver-Gold Project, Mexico


Kootenay Silver Inc. (TSXV: KTN) (the “Company” or “Kootenay”) is pleased to announce the results from recent surface sampling and mapping program (the “Program”) conducted on outcropping veins at the Copalito Silver-Gold Project (“Copalito” or “Property”) located in the State of Sinaloa, Mexico.

Copalito covers a gold and silver epithermal vein system comprised of numerous veins, with individual veins currently traced over strike lengths up to 2 kilometers. Veins vary in width from 0.5 to 15 meters at surface. Previous exploration results have been reported on July 19 and September 20, 2018 (see Kootenay new releases #18-16 and #18-21).

Orex Awards Airborne Geophysical Contract for the San Luis del Cordero Silver Copper-Zinc Project in Durango, Mexico


Vancouver, BC — Orex Minerals Inc. — (TSXV: REX — OTCQX: ORMNF) (“Orex”), is pleased to announce that Geotech Ltd. has been selected to fly an airborne geophysical survey over the San Luis del Cordero Project in Durango, Mexico. This project is a skarn and epithermal vein hosted silver-copper-zinc district, located 155 kilometres northeast of the City of Durango in the Mesa Central of northcentral Mexico.



This press release corrects and replaces certain typos in the Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. press release issued today, January 17, 2019 at 06:45 EST.

Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (ASM: TSX/NYSE American, GV6: FSE, “Avino” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce its fourth quarter and full year 2018 production results from its Avino property near Durango, Mexico.

Results of the Final 11 Holes – 2017/18 Drilling Program – Samalayuca Copper Property Further Near Surface Mineralisation Located


TORONTO, Jan. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VVC Exploration Corporation (“VVC” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: VVC) announces the results for the last eleven (11) diamond drill holes (DDH) from the Company’s drilling program at its Samalayuca Copper Property (the “Property”) in northern Chihuahua State, Mexico.  A total of 6,700 meters in 62 holes were drilled during the 2017/2018 drilling campaign.

San Marco Announces Results of Phase I Drilling and Ongoing Joint Venture Exploration at the Chunibas Copper-Silver Project, Sonora, Mexico


Vancouver, B.C. – January 17, 2019: San Marco Resources Inc. (SMN: TSX-V) (“San Marco” or the “Company”) announces that Phase 1 exploration drilling results from its 100% owned Chunibas copper/silver project, located in Sonora State, Mexico (the “Project”) have been received. San Marco and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Antofagasta plc (“Antofagasta”) have entered into an earn-in agreement to jointly explore and drill test several copper-silver rich mineralized targets mapped on surface. Antofagasta is funding all activities during the Phase I exploration program, to a maximum of US$700,000.

The Mining and Exploration News in Mexico: Highlights on the Second Week of January, 2019

Quartz-sulfide sheeted veinlets with silicified halos in argillitized fragmental tuff on a project in Jalisco

By Jorge Cirett

During the 2nd week of the year (January 7th to January 13th, 2019), at least 26 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. ON MEXICO ISSUES, The government stressed the need to create a new legal framework to standardize the safety, health and protect workers and the environment. ON EXPLORATION, In Sonora, San Marco confirmed the presence of a porphyry copper system at El Espiritu; Silver Viper released unpublished historical drill results from its La Virginia property. In Chihuahua, Sable Resources summarized its 2018 program on Margarita, and 2019 drill plans for Margarita and Vinata projects; Kootenay reported new surface sample results from the Columba project. ON MINING, Consolidated Zinc, Great Panther, Endeavour Silver, New Gold, Torex Gold and Capstone presented Q4 2018 production results. Sierra Metals is increasing production at Bolivar, Chihuahua. US Antimony is completing its plant to process Los Juarez ore. ON FINANCING, Silver One, Gainey Capital and SilverCrest completed non-brokered private placements for gross proceeds of C$624 K, $750 K and C$292 K. respectively. ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT, Oceanus informed on El Tigre, Sonora,  2018 exploration, and plans for 2019. SilverCrest released further high-grade in-fill drilling results from its Las Chispas property in Sonora. Excellon released high grade underground results from the 623 Manto at its Platosa mine in Durango. ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES, Great Panther and Beadell Resources completed the friendly acquisition of the latter by Great Panther. Prize Mining trading was halted at the TSX Venture Exchange. Riverside outlined its 2019 business plan, which includes advancing properties, potential joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances. Americas Silver and Pershing Gold announced their shareholders approved its merger.


  • The president of the Commission on Mining and Regional Development, Geovanna del Carmen Bañuelos de la Torre, said that it is necessary to create a new legal framework to standardize the safety, health and protect workers and the environment. She also recognized that the actual distribution of the Mining Fund lacks rigor on its application, and that a reform proposal has been formulated.


  • Sable Resources Ltd. summarized its 2018 exploration program, including information from its projects in Mexico. During 2018’s second quarter Sable completed 2,420 m in 12 drill holes at the Margarita project in Chihuahua, testing epithermal veins in Eocene-Oligocene volcanic rocks. “The project is defined by 5 veins; Margarita, El Caido, Juliana, Faviana, and Marie. All exploration drilling by Sable up to this point was executed along 750 m strike of the Margarita Vein”. Results for the first round of drilling include close to surface high-grade intersections like: 252 g/t AgEq over 11.3 m;  462 g/t AgEq over 4.25 m and larger low-grade halos as: 36 g/t AgEq over 21.35 m and 50 g/t AgEq over 44 m. “A second round of drilling planned to start in mid-January includes 1360m in 9 holes to extend the drilling for 1.5km along the known surface trace of the Margarita vein and to close the drilling grid to approximately 250m space. In addition, 1750m will be drilled in 13 exploration holes that will test the other veins”. Sable received title for 12 mining concessions covering 38,396 ha in Chihuahua, all covering stream sediment and rock sample anomalous areas, including the drill ready Vinata vein system located NE of the Margarita project. The company also holds projects in Canada, Peru and Argentina.
  • San Marco Resources Inc. confirmed the existence of a porphyry Cu-Mo-Au system at its Espiritu project in Sonora. The work done confirmed a multi-stage system with an alteration foot-print at least 2.5 Km x 1.2 Km and that the best Cu mineralization is surface and drill core samples is in rocks with potassic alteration and a quartz-chalcopyrite-pyrite stockwork. There are indications that copper mineralization might be preserved at depth within the shallower part of the porphyry system(s). Future work is expected to include magnetic and ZTEM surveys in advance of possible drilling at the project.
  • Kottenay Silver Inc. reported that new assay results from outcropping quartz veins support the potential for the discovery of a high-grade silver deposit at its Columba project in Chihuahua. The veins have strike lengths of 200 m to 2 km, and thicknesses from 0.5 to 6 m. In the latest field campaign 50 channel and 90 grab samples were collected on eight of the ten veins in the property. “Highlights include 33 samples, between lengths of 0.70 and 2.0 meters, returning silver values ranging between 30 gpt to 397 gpt and 55 samples returning grades >10 gpt”. Contiguous channel samples averaged 4.9 m @ 198 gpt Ag; 3.5 m @ 276 gpt Ag; 2.2 m @ 330 gpt Ag; 6.6 m @ 182 gpt. The next steps are additional mapping and surface sampling to prioritize drill targets and obtain drill permits.
  • Silver Viper Minerals Corp. released previously unreported significant drill intercepts from a historical database from La Virginia project in Sonora. The database was generated by Minefinders Corporation Ltd. and Pan American Silver Corp. up to 2013, and includes information on 52,635 m of drilling in 188 holes, with only the first 50 holes having been disclosed in press releases. The disclosed tables include significant intervals from seven areas, here some of these (true width estimated at 75-80% of core length): At Las Huatas, 18 m @ 2.81 gpt Au, 187 gpt Ag (including 1.5 m @ 3.50 gpt Au, 399 gpt Ag; 1.5 m @ 21.6 gpt Au, 1,173 gpt Ag); 0.6 m @ 11.54 gpt Au, 1,156 gpt Ag; 12 m @ 1.26 gpt Au, 109 gpt Ag; 1.5 m @ 6.52 gpt Au, 625 gpt Ag; 8.5 m @ 1.38 gpt Au, 105 gpt Ag (including 3.95 m @ Au, 2.07 gpt Au, 158 gpt Ag); 1.15 m @ 9.67 gpt Au, 658 gpt Ag; 17.5 m @ 0.72 gpt, 35 gpt Ag; 20.45 m @ 1.04 gpt, 69 gpt Ag; 0.9 m @ 54.79 gpt Au, 43 gpt Ag; 7 m @ 1.37 gpt Au, 65 gpt Ag; 7.55 m @ 1.56 gpt Au, 88 gpt Ag; 1.5 m @ 4.92 gpt Au, 421 gpt Ag; 12.9 m @ 2.44 gpt, 122 gpt Ag. At La Virginia, 1 m @ 3.27 gpt Au, 196 gpt Ag; 18 m @ 2.59 gpt Au, 119 gpt Ag (including 1.7 m @ 18.27 gpt Au, 794 gpt Ag); 8.5 m @ 0.87 gpt Au, 36 gpt Ag; 0.8 m @ nil Au, 300 gpt Ag; 19 m @ 0.65 gpt Au, 29 gpt Ag. At Con Virginia, 5.75 m @ 2.35 gpt Au, 153 gpt Ag; 11.7 m @ 0.62 gpt Au, 77 gpt Ag; 17.4 m @ 0.87 gpt Au, 81 gpt Ag; 2.05 m @ 6.73 gpt Au, 976 gpt Ag; 1.2 m @ 7.78 gpt Au, 1055 gpt Ag. At El Oriental, 2 m @ 2.47 gpt Au, 19 gpt Ag; 5 m @ 2.40 gpt Au, 60 gpt Ag; 3.8 m @ 11.99 gpt Au. 77 gpt Ag; At La Cascada, 1.3 m @ 20.92 gpt Au, 37 gpt Ag. At Huatas Sur, 2.8 m @ 1.05 gpt Au, 81 gpt Ag; 1.95 m @ 1.31 gpt Au, 29 gpt Ag; 3.75 m @ 9.32 gpt Au, 144 gpt Ag (including 1.55 m @ 19.97 gpt Au, 254 gpt Ag). At La Colonia, 0.85 m @ 3.04 gpt Au, 23 gpt Ag. Limited confirmation drilling was completed at the Las Huatas and Con Virginia prospects. These holes were drilled to test gaps in the known data. Previously undrilled prospects Huarache, La Gloria and El Rubi were also tested in 2018. To date, the Company has released results for the confirmation drilling at Las Huatas. Subsequent results and a discussion of the 2018 program and plans for 2019 are scheduled for release in the near future.


  • Consolidated Zinc Ltd. provided an update on production at its Plomosas mine in Chihuahua for December 2018. During the period 4,072 tonnes were hauled to surface @ 10.2% Zn, 2.4% Pb. Recoveries at the Santa Eulalia plant have been 89% Zn, 86% Pb. All the ore mined was from an area outside of the JORC defined resource.
  • Great Panther Silver Ltd. reported fourth quarter and 2018 production results for its properties in Mexico. During the year the company produced 1.86 M Oz Ag, 20,161 Oz Au, 1,958 tonnes Pb, 2,361 tonnes Zn from the two operations. At Topia, Durango, 18.9 K tonnes @ 326 gpt Ag, 0.83 gpt Au were processed during the quarter, recovering 92.9% Ag, and 53.4% Au to produce 183.7 K Oz Ag, 267 Oz Au, 474 tonnes Pb, 661 tonnes Zn. At the Guanajuato mine Complex 70.4 K tonnes @ 129 gpt Ag, 2.01 gpt Au were processed, recovering 87.2% Ag, 84.4% Au to produce 254.4 K Oz Ag, 3,833 Oz Au. Reflecting low metal prices, operations at the Guanajuato Mine Complex is shifting all production to the San Ignacio mine for 2019.
  • United States Antimony Corp. reported the status of beneficiation of ore at Los Juarez, Queretaro, where 30 K tonnes have been mined. The crusher and flotation circuits at the Puerto Blanco mill (in Guanajuato) are ready for production, while the tailings installation is nearly complete. Most of the cyanide leach plant has been built and is being installed. The caustic leach plant at Madero to process the flotation concentrates is operational and has recovered the precious metals with close to a 100% recovery, and pilot production of Au, Ag and Sb is about to start in Q1 2019.
  • Sierra Metals Inc. informed it is on track on its staged mine production increase from 3,000 to 3,600 tonnes per day (TPD) in Q1 2019 (and 5,000 TPD by 2020) at its Bolivar mine in Chihuahua. “Completion of the expansion included the installation of a refurbished mill, an electrical substation with 1250 KVA of capacity, a secondary crusher and a hydrocyclone cluster that allows for finer grind size optionality that is estimated to provide a 6% increase in copper recoveries from 80% to 86% at Bolivar Mine”.

Endeavour Silver Corp. reported consolidated production of 5.5 MOz Ag, 52,967 Oz Au (9.5 MOz AgEq) in the fourth quarter 2018.  Drilliing at Bolañitos returned multiple high-grade intersections, including 1.1 m (TW) @ 1,415 gpt Ag, 2.25 gpt Au in the San Miguel mine. Parral drilling and underground sampling returned  multiple high.grade intersections, including 4.2 m (TW) @ 934 gpt Ag, 0.21 gpt Au, 3.0% Pb, 5.9% Zn. El Compas commissioning has been delayed by metallurgical and plant issues that have been or are in the process of being corrected, while the mine development has been completed and and a 10K tonnes stockpile produced. At Guanaceví, the Milache and SCS orebodies development commenced. At Bolañitos, drilling outlined several mineralized areas and extensions to known areas, with potential to extend the mine life. At El Cubo, drilling of new targets failed to intersect any economic mineralization, and production is to be halved to increase mine life while more reserves are sought.

  • New Gold Inc. presented fourth quarter results, including figures from the Cerro San Pedro property in San Luis Potosi.  Mine closure activities continued at the Cerro San Pedro mine, and 1,448 Oz Au were recover by residual leaching of heap pads.
  • Torex Gold Resources Inc. announced 354 K Oz Au were produced at its El Limon-Guajes mine in Guerrero.
  • Capstone Mining Corp. released preliminary fourth quarter production results for 2018, including figures from its operations in Mexico. At Cozamin in Zacatecas, 278.8 K tonnes were processed at a rate of 3,030 tonnes per day (TPD) @ 1.61% Cu, 1.29% Zn, 0.41% Pb, 50.2 gpt Ag, recovering 94.3% Cu, 65.9% Zn, 58.5% Pb, 75.5% Ag to produce 9.36 M Lb Cu, 5.22 M Lb Zn, 3.15 M Lb Pb, 339.2 K Oz Ag, 68 Oz Au.


  • Silver One Resources Inc. closed its previously announced private placement financing for gross proceeds of C$623.7 K. Silver One also commented it is not aware of any information other than that previously disclosed in its public filings, news releases or statements, which would result in the levels of trading activity and change in the share price recorded in recent days (Peñasco Quemado, Sonora; La Frazada, Nayarit).
  • Gainey Capital Corp. received conditional approval by the TSX Venture Exchange to close the first tranche of its non-brokered private placement of up to $1.15 M announced on November 28, 2018. In this tranche the closing accrued gross proceeds of $750 K (El Colomo, Nayarit).
  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. informed the completion its non-brokered private placement with Pierre Beaudoin, for gross proceeds of Cdn$292 K (Las Chispas, Sonora).


  • Oceanus Resources Corp. informed that during 2018 carried a regional prospecting and mapping program on its El Tigre property in Sonora. The objective was to know the extent of El Tigre Formation, the rock package that hosts the historic El Tigre mine. Such formation was found to extend 5 km to the south reaching the Lluvia de Oro prospect, and 3 km further to the south at La Mancha workings. Prospecting and mapping was carried out also to the east, where several historical underground workings were located. Given the positive results, Oceanus applied for an additional 4,465 hectares, increasing its land position to 26,307 hectares. The company will continue prospecting, mapping and sampling during 2019 to establish drill targets.
  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. released further in-fill results from its Las Chispas property in Sonora. The 20 reported in-fill holes targeted the high-grade Area 51 zone, Babicanora Central zone and Babicanora Footwall and Hangingwall veins. On previous drilling (used for the past resource calculation) the Area 51 had an estimated average 2.7 m of true width (TW) @ 7.13 gpt, 614 gpt Ag (1,148 gpt AgEq); the weighted average of the 28 in-fill holes to date is 3.9 m (TW) @ 11.36 gpt Au, 1,064 gpt Ag (1,915 gpt AgEq). The latest results include the best drilling interception to date: 9.3 m @ 39.66 gpt Au, 3,361 gpt Ag (including 0.4 m @ 252 gpt Au, 9,740 gpt Ag; 0.9 m @ 92.7 gpt Au, 7,570 gpt Ag; 0.4 m @ 47.30 gpt Au, 7,790 gpt Ag).
  • Excellon Resources Inc. announced results from underground exploration at the Platosa mine in Durango. The high-grade 623 Manto has been further defined with diamond drilling results, of which the next results were highlighted: 6.6 m @ 0.1 gpt Au, 704 gpt Ag, 5.8% Pb, 10.1% Zn (including 2.7 m @ 0.1 gpt Au, 1,669 gpt Ag, 13.2% Pb, 24.4% Zn); 4.9 m @ 2,802 gpt Ag, 12.% Pb, 5.4% Zn (including 2.8 m @ 4,789 gpt Ag, 20.4% Pb, 9.0% Zn; 3.7 m @ 775 gpt Ag; 7.3% Pb, 6.4% Zn; 4.2 m @ 150 gpt Ag, 0.1% Pb, 2.0% Zn. The Company continues to test priority targets within the north-south trending Platosa corridor while defining new targets at Jaboncillo, PDN, Saltillera North and South and San Gilberto. A 3D induced polarization program was completed at Jaboncillo and PDN in late 2018 in preparation for drilling programs on both targets in the coming months   


  • Great Panther Silver Ltd. filed its management information circular in respect of the friendly acquisition of Beadell Resources Ltd. Once the acquisition is completed, the company will have a diversified portfolio of producing mines in Mexico and Brazil, and an advanced stage development project in Peru, with additional near-term resource growth potential from Bradell’s in and near mine targets to add to the growth potential from Great Panther’s advanced stage Coricancha project in Peru (Topia, Durango).
  • Prize Mining Corp. disclosed its failure to file its annual financial statements for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2018. As a result, the British Columbia Securities Commission issued a cease trade order on Jan 7, 2019 against the company and securities have been halted from trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. The company is working to finalize and file the needed documents and seek to have the cease trade order revoked. (Manto Negro, Coahuila).
  • Riverside Resources Inc. outlined its corporate outlook for 2019. Highlighted in it the presence of exciting drill targets at Cecilia in Sonora and Peñoles in Durango, as well as the advancing of potential joint venture partnerships and strategic alliance discussions with major companies. Riverside expects to expand outside of Mexico, beyond its participation in Croesus Gold Corp. Partner-funded exploration is expected to commence at La Silla project in Sinaloa.
  • Americas Silver Corp. and Pershing Gold Corp. announced their respective shareholders have provided the requisite approvals for their previously announced business combination (Cosala, Sinaloa).

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On the image below, quartz-sulfide sheeted veinlets with silicified halos in argillitized fragmental tuff on a project in Jalisco. Picture by Jorge Cirett.