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Gambusino Prospector de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican incorporated company dedicated to provide exploration services to companies searching for mineral resources in Mexico. At the core of the company are Miguel Heredia and Jorge Cirett , both Mexican geologists with more than 25 years of experience each in the mineral exploration industry.

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We love the search for ore deposits, and this page and blog are our first attempt to share our passion and commitment to the ultimate goal of discovery.

Who we are:

Miguel Heredia

Miguel Angel Heredia Barragan. President.  Geologist graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) in 1984, has worked for multiple companies in a career spanning more than 38 years, including Minera Fresnillo (now Fresnillo PLC), BHP Minerals, Minera Aztec (now Endeavour Silver), Peñoles, Fronteer Development Group and Riverside Resources. He also has worked as a consultant to Mount Isa Mines, Codelco-Peñoles (Pecobre), BHP Billiton, among others. He’s had the opportunity to work in many parts of Mexico, the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

Experience in generating and evaluating projects from grassroots exploration to advanced mining projects with a view to exploration, acquisition or investment. Managing large scale programs, applying all steps of mining exploration, from prospection through deposit delineation. Performing detailed and regional geological mapping, detailed and regional geochemical surveys, detailed and regional geophysics, TM & ASTER imagery interpretation, data integration and management of database to select areas for staking and further work, concession research and staking, acquisition negotiations with mining claims proprietors, data analysis and compilation and interpretation of results for drill target definition, coordinating and overseeing drill programs, gaining land access with owners and getting environment permits.
Highly skilled in hiring, building and training multidisciplinary technical staff, coaching and supervising technical and support teams, technical management of all aspects of a country wide exploration program, coordinating legal, accounting and administrative support, proposing and efficiently managing programs and budgets, contacting mining exploration companies to promote or acquire properties for business development and corporate growth.

Jorge Cirett 

Jorge Ernesto Cirett Galan. Director. Geologist graduated from the Universidad de Sonora (UNISON) in 1987. He’s worked for multiple companies in a career spanning more than 35 years, including BHP Minerals, Mount Isa Mines and Aztec Mining and as a consultant to many junior companies in Mexico, including Linear Gold, Aquiline Resources, Masuparia Gold Corporation and Riverside Resources. He’s worked in Mexico, Canada, Ireland and the Dominican Republic, and visited mines and prospects in Canada, United States, Panama, Peru, Indonesia and Russia.

Sound background in project generation and evaluation in the metallic sector, for international companies with the objective of finding world class ore deposits. Experience leading and administrating the generation and evaluation of projects, defining exploration techniques to use, building and training team works, with experience in the use of GIS data interpretation, lithology, structure, alteration and mineralization mapping, TM and ASTER satellite and hyperspectral flight images interpretation, land and aerial magnetometric images interpretation, selection and application of geochemical sampling and analysis, diamond and RC drilling, public relations and safety and environmental risk management at project scale.

Strong and proven skills and abilities in organization, use of GIS software, analysis, planning, execution and administration, building of productive team works oriented to results, training, problem solving, safety, and continued learning and actualization.

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  1. Good looking website Miguel and Jorge, Very good wishes for lots of excellent success prospecting. John-Mark

  2. Hi, Miguel & Jorge
    you have an excellent website where I have read so many useful data. I’m the inverstment manager of Silvercorp Metals and just look for some exporation projects. I find some interesting properties in your targing column such as Properties with good drilling intersections and Properties with good drilling intersections. could you give me some recommendation for the properties or the companies related? My email is sunjigui@gmail.com. I hope I can receive your feedback.

    thanks and regard.

  3. Hi Miguel and Jorge. Excellent website, full of useful info, congrats. And I see a common link from the past – Mount Isa)). Keep up the good work, I’ll be a regular visitor now.
    Mike Struthers

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