Focusing any mineral exploration program requires of preliminary information to know where to realize the search, and subsequently relies in a more robust data set to reduce the  area in a more manageable piece of land. Some of the information is of public origin, some other has to be bought, and at later stages most has to be generated.

Luckily for national and international companies, the government in Mexico has been investing for decades in the realization of studies that generate a great load of useful information. The Servicio Gelogico Mexicano, SGM (Formerly the Consejo de Recursos Minerales, or CRM) has not only done this in a fairly competent way, but has also put much of this information available online on its website, through GeoInfoMex. You can find lots of good geologic, geophysical and geochemical information in this site, some of which can be easily downloaded. As it happens, some information is temporarily available in the website, and later removed without explanation, so if you see anything you need, the recommendation is to download it before it disappears.  It also happens with the “view only” data, like the 50K scale geochemical data points that no longer can be viewed.

You can also download the topography in 250K and 50K scale sheets, in Raster or GIS format from the INEGI website, both of which are really useful.

At Gambusino Prospector we have downloaded and compiled a lot of that information in a manageable GIS format that  helps us to  focus better the exploration efforts and produce worthwhile targets


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  1. To : Gambusino Prospector
    I am a retired chemist that invest in a small way in mining companies. Thus I spend numerous hours on the internet searching for related information; have looked at hundreds of websites in this effort. Without question your site, Gambusino Prospector, is the best I have seen. What a tremendous resource on mining companies. As a neighbor, a Texan, let me say that what you are doing is just excellent.

    Thanks for your efforts,
    Jim Outlaw

    • Hi Jim
      Thanks very much for your kind words, they are welcome and motivating. We are about to complete a year of personal involvement in producing and maintaining the site, from scratch to what it is now.
      We are not complacent, and will keep trying to enhance the site and keep information flowing. At sometime in the future we should be able to reap the rewards, for now, we feel very pleased to receive words like yours from time to time.
      Best Regards
      Jorge Cirett

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your nice comment. That is very kind of you!

      We really appreciate you have taken your time to visit our website and are so glad you liked it. As Jorge mentioned, it still needs some improvements but we will try to maintain it functional to keep information flowing.

      Miguel A Heredia

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