Gambusino Prospector de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican incorporated company that provides exploration services to companies searching for mineral resources in Mexico. We are conveniently based in Hermosillo and Queretaro, providing exploration services country wide.

A special focus in security and cost management within a strategy based on good community relations and swift government permitting can make your project advance without untimely and costly delays. With over 55 years of cumulative experience in the field and the administration of exploration campaigns for Major and Junior companies, we have the hands-on expertise needed to conduct the work in the most reliable and cost efficient manner.  In addition, through all these years we have been compiling an extensive database that provides an excellent framework to follow from grass-roots exploration to targeting projects or companies for acquisition.

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  1. Buenas tardes, ando buscando proveedor de Barita en breña, me pueden recomendar algun proveedor serio, necesito 50,000 toneladas entregadas en Coatzacoalcos.



  2. Me interesa poder contactar a la persona encargada de proyectos, tenemos un proyecto minero de cobre en el estado de guerreo, y me gustaria poder comentar con ustedes al respecto ademas de la posibilidad de venta de mineral.

    Favor de enviarme un mensaje con el numero de la persona y nombre.



  3. Hello, Miguel Angel Heredia Barragan and Jorge Ernesto Cirett Galan.
    We are colleagues.
    I want to introduce you to the author’s search method.
    Waiting for a letter
    Gennady Kaplenkov. Vancouver.
    Address: Gennady.kaplenkov@gmail.com
    Website: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/gennady-kaplenkov-a5447353
    Article: The sad results of the second gold rush of the Klondike http://corgovinstitute.com / the-sad-results-of-the-second-gold-rush-of-the-klondike

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  4. Me gustaría comunicarme con la persona encargada de proyectos. Actualmente tenemos tres denuncios Mineros de Oro y plata en el estado de Sonora especificente en la Ciudad de Caborca y andamos en busca de inversionistas.gcs

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    • Thank you so much Paul!

      Jorge and I appreciate you have taken the time to visit our webpage. We are happy you have liked it.

      Have a good day.


      Miguel A Heredia

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  5. gracias por la pagina
    traigo algunas concesiones Au ….. una con 12 gr/t en promedio con maximos de 28gr/t y me gustaría contactarles via telefonica, mi celular es 8441197894 atte, Renato Terrazas Lopez

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