Stream Sediments

Stream sediment samples are one of the best tools in mineral exploration for exposed orebodies, and when used in a broad scale can highlight the best areas for regional programs. Due to the huge amount of batches, and the differences between each, a sheet by sheet analysis would be recommended for pinpointing targets.

Au Grid “The best pathfinder for gold is gold” the saying goes, and luckily most of the assays are of good quality for this image, with only a few obvious blunders. Of course the ranges in this image can be tampered with, and produce more focused targets.

Ag Grid

Mexico might be one of the best places for exploring for silver, but most of the assaying did not have the detection limit needed, or failed in quality control for this element.

Cu Grid

Copper assaying results seem good enough for regional exploration, although some problems can be seen in Sonora.

Pb Grid

For lead most results seem of good quality, with the exception of the conspicuous red sheets.

Zn Grid

Zinc presents fairly good results, with some obvious trends attracting the eye.

As Grid

Arsenic results are fairly good , with the exception of the obvious sheets, either too low or to high.

Sb Grid

Antimony results are generally good, with a few sheets disrupting some nice trends.

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