Mines and Properties with Resources

With a list of more than 100 mines operating in Mexico, plus more than 100 projects with NI-43-101 resources, and plenty of advanced properties, we can help companies with their specific needs when looking for mergers or acquisitions. This we can do under contract or in a Finder’s Fee basis if requested, taking care of target selection, establishing early contact with the target company, data review and validation, as well as the due diligence process.

Mines in Mexico

Our compilation highlights include over 200 million ounces of gold resources (Reserves+resources, all categories) in 164 mines and projects. You can see in the next table an excerpt of what the table looks like, stressing that there are 48 mines and projects with more than a million ounces of gold in resources, of which 28 contain more than 2 million ounces of the metal.

Gold Table, Sept 2015

For silver there are more than 10 billion ounces of silver in 162 mines and projects that report resources (Reserves+resources, all categories). There are 50 mines and projects reporting more than 50 million ounces of silver, of which 23 contain more than 100 million ounces Ag.

Silver Table, Sept 2015

For copper the compilation amounts to more than 160 billion pounds in 67 mines and projects reporting resources (Reserves+resources, all categories).  There are 42 mines and projects reporting more than 100 million pounds of copper, of which 21 contain more than 1 billion pounds Cu. As you can see form the table below, Grupo Mexico dominates the scene, with over 100 billion pounds of copper resources.

Copper Table, Sept 201511