Highlights on the Fifth Week of November, 2017. Mineral Exploration in Mexico

During the 48th week of the year (November 27th to December 3rd, 2017), at least 33 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. ON MEXICO ISSUES: In Sonora, representatives of the State Congress proposed to form citizen committees to supervise the application of the Mining Fund (Fondo Minero). ON EXPLORATION: ten press releases from eight companies working in Mexico informed on exploration efforts during the week: In Sonora SilverCrest released high-grade results from drilling two different zones at its Las Chispas project; Azure Minerals released high-grade drilling results from its Sara Alicia Au-Co project, and updated on drilling progress at its Oposura property; Wolverine Minerals commenced exploration at Los Venados project; San Marco Resources is to complete an induced polarization survey at its 1068 porphyry copper project, updating also in the geological model of its Chunibas project. In Chihuahua, Evrim Resources completed phase I exploration at its Cerro Cascaron project, and is now in the drill targeting stage; Ethos gold optioned the Purisima property, and presented the project summary, which includes two previous drilling campaigns. ON MINING: Santacruz Silver presented its third quarter report; Marlin Gold presented financial results for the first nine months of the year, and an update on drilling on the Colinas target, at its La Trinidad property; U.S. Antimony informed that it now has the needed permits to construct a cyanidation plant at its mill in Guanajuato. ON FINANCING: Alix Resources, Canuc Resources and Millrock Resources are to conduct or closing non-brokered private placements of $750 K, $465 K and $1.6 M respectively; Mag Silver closed a non-brokered private placement for $48.16 M; SilverCrest is to raise C$6 M on a bought deal private placement; Primero Mining obtained an extension of its credit facility; Candelaria Mining is seeking a one year extension on the exercise period of over 12 M warrants. ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT: Consolidated Zinc recommenced extensional and infill resource definition drilling at its Plomosas mine. ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES: Argonaut Gold announced the closing of the acquisition of the Cerro del Gallo project in Guanajuato to Primero Mining for $15 M;  GFM Resources entered into an exploration and evaluation agreement with Minera Auricup on the Baviacora concession in Sonora; Magellan Gold completed the purchase of the SDA Mill to Rose Petroleum in Nayarit; Ethos Gold entered into an option agreement with Coztic Recursos Minerales on the Purisima property in Chihuahua.


  • In Sonora, representatives of the State Congress proposed to form citizen committees to supervise the application of the Mining Fund (Fondo Minero). The proposal aims to give transparency to the application of the funds, and also a mean to control the infrastructure projects generated in the municipalities that are to receive the participation generated by the mining activity (Note of editor.- This is a pressing problem in many other States, where the application of the funds of a mining royalty introduced by the current Federal government is nowhere to be seen).


  • SilverCrest Metals Corp. released phase II drill results for the Babicanora vein at its Las Chispas property in Sonora. The latest results increase by 400 m the high-grade footprint of the Babicanora vein, which is now 1 km in length. True width (TW) intercepts: 3.2 m @ 27 g/t Au, 1,494 g/t Ag (including 0.7 m @ 137 g/t Au, 4,720 g/t Ag); 1.5 m @ 1.8 g/t Au, 101 g/t Ag; 3.8 m @ 5.6 g/t Au, 451 g/t Ag; 4.0 m @ 1.5 g/t Au, 101 g/t Ag; 3.1 m @ 5.1 g/t Au, 570 g/t Ag; 2.0 m @ 3.6 g/t Au, 452 g/t Ag; 3.6 m @ 4.2 g/t Au, 165 g/t Ag; 2.2 m @ 3.8 g/t Au, 388 g/t Ag.
  • Azure Minerals Ltd. released high-grade results on the maiden drilling on its Sara Alicia property in Sonora. Six holes for 480 m tested around and beneath historical underground mine workings that exploited high-grade Au and Co shoots in the 1930’s. Cobalt results for the last hole are still pending. Significant gold results comprise: 11.4 m @ 3.3 g/t Au; 5.5 m @ 5.1 g/t Au; 26.2 m @ 8 .6 g/t Au (including 12.6 m @ 14.9 g/t Au); 19.65 m @ 4.95 g/t Au; 8.45 m @ 1.2 g/t Au; 13.7 m @ 3.6 g/t Au. Significant cobalt intercepts comprise: 5.5 m @ 0.13% Co; 1.0 m @ 0.14% Co; 26.2 m @ 1.26% Co (including 6.35 m @ 3.57% Co); 4.7 m @ 0.11% Co; 20.6 m @ 0.13% Co (including 1.9 m @ 1.11% Co). This garnet-magnetite-sulfide skarn developed in limestone intruded by a porphyry contains a zone several meters in width with disseminated cobaltite (CoAsS) associated with abundant magnetite, and a wider, overlapping zone of gold mineralization.
  • Evrim Resources Corp. announced the completion of phase I exploration at its Cerro Cascaron project in Chihuahua. Highlights include: A 1.8 km long rich vein corridor defined by soil sampling, with up to 1.4 g/t Au; Soil sampling extended all veins by 600 m to 1.8 km in length, and two more veins were identified; Adit channel sampling results are 1.4 m to 3.3 m in width @ 231 to 542 g/t AgEq; Six subparallel veins were defined in an area 300 m x 900 m in the Ag-rich Cascarita zone. Drill targeting is underway.
  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. released surface and underground results from the second phase of drilling of the Las Chispas and Giovanni veins at Las Chispas, in Sonora. Highlighted results contain (true thickness, or TW) 2.1 m @ 2.3 g/t Au, 469 g/t Ag; 1.6 m @ 2.4 g/t Au, 516 g/t Ag; 1.5 m @ 13.2 g/t Au, 2,007 g/t Ag; 2.0 m @ 5.8 g/t Au, 1,191 g/t Ag; 4.0 m @ 18.6 g/t Au, 696 g/t Ag (including 0.8 m @ 92.6 g/t Au, 2,890 g/t Ag); 2.2 m @ 9.4 g/t Au, 1,369 g/t Ag. SilverCrest intends to deliver a maiden resource estimate during Q1, 2018.
  • Wolverine Minerals Corp. commenced an exploration program on the 1,500 hectares Los Venados property, in the Mulatos district, Sonora. Wolverine is to focus work on a felsic dome/silica breccia complex with intense alteration and brecciation accompanied by anomalous gold. Activities planned include rock and soil sampling, geological mapping and a 7.4 Km induced polarization survey.
  • Almadex Minerals Ltd. released results from the three first holes on the Raya Membrillo area on its El Cobre property in Veracruz. This area is part of the Villa Rica zone, which is two kilometers south from the Norte zone (where previous drilling was done). The three holes intersected a chalcocite dominant enriched copper zone right from the surface which locally is up to 186 m down hole. Results comprise: 69.5 m @ 0.10 g/t Au, 0.41% Cu (including 14.5 m @ 0.14 g/t Au, 1.2% Cu); 139.0 m @ 0.49 g/t Au, 0.24% Cu; 41.0 m @ 0.91 g/t Au, 0.42% Cu in one hole; 117 m @ 0.13 g/t Au, 0.55% Cu (including 15.9 m @ 0.51 g/t Au, 1.74% Cu) in the second hole; 159.5 m @ 0.22 g/t Au, 0.22% Cu (including 36.0 m @ 0.86 g/t Au, 0.16% Cu and 111.5 m @ 0.03 g/t Au, 0.27% Cu) on the third hole.
  • San Marco Resources Inc. provided the scope of exploration at its 1068 and Chunibas projects in Sonora. At the 1068 project, an undrilled porphyry Cu-Mo-Au system displays  phyllically altered and veined zones which extend 1 Km to the east and 400 m to the south from previously identified porphyritic rock with potassic alteration and a coincidental geochemical footprint on a grid rock sampling survey. An induced polarization survey is to be conducted during December. At Chunibas a new larger model involving a porphyry related breccia with gold values has been generated. Field mapping and prospecting is mostly completed, with a mineralization corridor extending 1.2 km based on mapping and a soil survey. New outcrops with epidote-calcite-specularite alteration bearing copper oxides have been found.
  • Azure Minerals Ltd. updated on the resource definition drilling at its Zn-Pb-Ag Oposura project in Sonora, where 51 of the planned 120 holes have been completed with 2,665 m. Many of Azure holes are either twinning or drilled close to historical holes, closely replicating the sulfide intercepts on those. Azure is aiming to conclude drilling by February 2018, and complete the maiden mineral resource estimate by March-April 2018.
  • Ethos Gold Corp. optioned the Purisima property in Chihuahua (see note on the deals section). An epithermal low sulfidation vein system is present over 1.5 Km of strike length and 200 m of width exposure. The property saw some drilling in 1997 and 1997-98 by Teck Resources and the SGM (Servicio Geologico Mexicano, or Consejo de Recursos Minerales at the time). Gold-bearing intervals were obtained on both programs, with only minor parts of the core obtained by SGM drilling having been assayed, although many areas contained chalcedonic quartz veining.


  • Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. reported third quarter 2017 production and financial results. At Rosario in San Luis Potosi 46.9 K tonnes were processed @ 51 g/t Ag (241 g/t AgEq), recovering 85% Ag, to produce 26,274 Oz Ag, 328 Oz Au, 49 tonnes Pb, 449 tonnes Zn. At Veta Grande in Zacatecas, 28 K tonnes were processed @ 107 g/t Ag (174 g/t AgEq), recovering 64.5% Ag to produce 61,960 Oz Ag; 66 Oz Au, 99 tonnes Pb, 146 tonnes Zn. Production cost per tonne was 62.91, and a cash cost of $23.65 per AgEq Oz, AISC of $28.14 per AgEq Oz.
  • United States Antimony Corp. announced that SEMARNAT (Mexico environmental authority) has issued the permit for the construction of a cyanide leach plant for the Puerto Blanco mill in Guanajuato. This plant is designed to recover Au and Ag from the flotation mill tailings of the Los Juarez Au-Ag-Sb deposit in Queretaro. The ore grade is 1.1 g/t Au, 102 g/t Ag, 0.65% Sb, and the expected recovery  90% Au, 90% Ag, 70% Sb.
  • Marlin Gold Mining Ltd. presented financial results for the first nine months of 2017, period on which the company produced 29,995 Oz Au, and acquired the Gavilanes property from Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. for $3.6 M. Revenue to the end of September was $58.2 M, holding $1.9 M in cash and finished gold, and $14.4 M in gold-in-process. Investment on Golden Reign Resources Ltd. stood at $12.7 M at quarter end. Principal on the loan owed to Wexford Capital LP. (Controlling shareholder) stood at US$38.9 M, with the maturity of the loan extended to January 2019.
  • Marlin Gold Mining Ltd. disclosed drilling results from the Colinas area, less than 1 km from the Taunus pit within its La Trinidad mine in Sinaloa. The drilling tested a structurally complex zone with low and high angle faults, along a projected structural corridor under post mineral cover. The significant core intervals comprise 11.65 m @ 0.61 g/t Au in the first hole and 6.00 m @ 0.35 g/t Au; 7.03 m @ 0.82 g/t Au; 6.00 m @ 10.57 g/t Au in the second hole. “The anomalous zones appear to be associated with quartz carbonate veinlets and ferruginous argillic zones, which are likely fault zones within andesitic breccias and tuffs. All intervals are oxide.”


  • Alix Resources Corp. is to conduct a non-brokered private placement to raise up to $750 K in gross proceeds (Agua Fria, Sonora).
  • Canuc Resources Corp. closed a non-brokered private placement with gross proceeds of $465 K. Proceeds are to be used to continue exploration of newly discovered breccia zones on El Tule claim block and other high grade structures (San Javier, Sonora).
  • Mag Silver Corp. announced the closing of a non-brokered private placement for gross proceeds of US$48.16 M (Juanicipio, Zacatecas).
  • Millrock Resources Inc. plans to conduct a non-brokered private placement planning to raise up to $1.6 million. Finder’s fee of 6% cash may be paid in connection with this financing (La Navidad, Sonora).
  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. entered into an agreement with a syndicate of underwriters for a bought deal private placement to raise gross proceeds of up to C$6 M. SilverCrest will pay the underwriters a cash commission of up to 6% of the gross proceeds (Las Chispas, Sonora).
  • Primero Mining Corp. announced that the company agreed with its lenders to an extension of its revolving credit facility and guarantee provided by Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (San Dimas, Durango).
  • Candelaria Mining Corp. intends to make an application to the TSX to extend the exercise period of 12.6 M share purchase warrants by 12 months.


  • Consolidated Zinc Ltd. recommenced extensional and infill resource definition drilling at its Plomosas mine in Chihuahua. The first of two underground rigs was mobilized to Cuddy, level 5.4 to drill eight short holes before the Christmas break.


  • Argonaut Gold Inc. announced the closing of the acquisition of the 25,269 hectares Cerro del Gallo project in Guanajuato to Primero Mining Corp. for $15 M. Argonaut could recover up to $1.7 M of value added tax, and the companies acquired in this transaction include approximately $22 M in tax losses.
  • GFM Resources Ltd. entered into an exploration and evaluation agreement with Minera Auricup S. de R.L. on its Baviacora concession in Sonora. GFM has paid the outstanding mining duties of CAD$95 K for a six months right to explore the property and obtain a minimum 15% stake. If land access rights are not secured by Auricup on a four-month period, GFM has the right to demand full repayment, or to obtain a similar stake on in a different but equivalent mineral concession owned by Auricup. GFM drew on its facility with Metallorum Holding, S.A.P.I. de C.V., the corporation’s majority shareholder for this payment.
  • Magellan Gold Corp. completed the purchase of the SDA Mill to Rose Petroleum PLC. in Nayarit. Total consideration for the purchase was $1.5 M, with $1.0 M in cash and $500 K in Magellan stock, of which $100 K was paid in cash in June 2017. In August Magellan arranged $900 K in bridge loans to support the purchase.
  • Ethos Gold Corp. entered into an option agreement with Coztic Recursos Minerales S. de R.L. de C.V. to earn a 100% interest in the Purisima property in Chihuahua. Ethos Gold is to pay an aggregate of US$3.49 M and issue up to 3 M common shares to the property owner, in installments over 72 months, with the initial consideration of $45 K and 50 K shares due on signing. In addition, Ethos Gold is to pay outstanding mining duties of CAD$71 K and incur in exploration expenditures of not less than US$1 M within 72 months. The property owner is to retain a 2% NSR.

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On the picture below, fine grained silica on boulders extracted from a farming field in Durango. Photo by Jorge Cirett.

Sta Catalina


azure_nov 29, 2017

Azure Minerals Limited (ASX: AZS) (“Azure” or “the Company”) is pleased to provide an update of activities and progress on the Company’s flagship, high-grade Oposura zinc-lead-silver deposit, located in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

Drilling is proceeding well and since the start of the drill campaign in mid-October, a total of 51 holes, of the 120 planned, have been completed for 2,665m. Processing of the core samples is proceeding smoothly and samples from 37 holes have been submitted to the Bureau Veritas Laboratories in Vancouver, Canada. Results from the first batches of holes are expected to be reported to the market shortly.

Highlights on the Fourth Week of November, 2017. Mineral Exploration in Mexico

During the 47th week of the year (November 20th to November 26th, 2017), at least 32 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. ON MEXICO ISSUES: No relevant news. ON EXPLORATION: six companies informed on exploration efforts during the week: In Sonora Azure Minerals reported favorable metallurgical results from its Oposura project. In Chihuahua Monarca is to acquire the San Jose project; Mammoth Resources mobilized equipment to drill its Tenoriba property. In Sinaloa Starcore is to acquire the Santa Fe project, with an historical Au-Ag resource. Silver Bull released drill results from the sulfide zone at Sierra Mojada; Prize Mining is to acquire the Manto Negro stratabound copper project. Evrim Resources announced the acquisition of the Cuale high sulfidation property. In Veracruz Mexican Gold announced step-out drilling mineralization intercepts at Las Minas. ON MINING: Impact Silver presented its quarterly report. Marlin Gold informed on the mining program at La Trinidad in Sinaloa.  In Zacatecas, operations recommenced at the Santacruz Silver’s Veta Grande mill after the PROFEPA suspension. MX Gold informed on advance at the Magistral tailings project in Durango. Americas Silver informed the San Rafael mine is sourcing all ore treated in Cosalá. ON FINANCING: Telson Resources received $1 M from the exercise of warrants. Aztec Minerals is now trading on the USA. Primero Mining obtained an extension on its revolving credit facility. ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT: Leagold Mining reported more high-grade results from drilling at Bermejal Underground on its Los Filos property in Guerrero. Stroud Resources announced an updated resource estimate for its Santo Domingo Hostotipaquillo deposit in Jalisco. Almaden Resources released more drill results from the Ixtaca deposit in Puebla.  ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES: Soleil Capital and Goldplay Exploration are to amalgamate to create a precious metals exploration company focused in Mexico. Monarca Minerals signed a LOI to acquire the San Jose property in Chihuahua. Starcore entered into a LOI to acquire the Santa Fe property in Sinaloa. Camrova Minerals (Baja Mining) has seen its interest on El Boleo property (in Baja California) reduced to 7.3%. Bacanora Minerals is involved in a lawsuit over a 3% royalty on its Sonora lithium project. Golden Goliath has received the fifth payment on the option of its Uruachic properties. Prize mining is to acquire the Manto Negro project in Coahuila from Scion Mines.


  • No Relevant News.


  • Azure Minerals Ltd. reported metallurgical results from its Oposura project in Sonora. The test returned over 70% and 80% recoveries respectively for Pb and Zn, producing a lead concentrate (>55% Pb, 360 g/t Ag) and a zinc concentrate (>55% Zn) with low levels of deleterious elements. More metallurgical studies will be undertaken on core material from the present drill campaign.
  • Monarca Minerals Inc. entered into a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire the San Jose property in Chihuahua. The 5,580 hectares project shows disseminations, stockwork and veins of skarn, gossan and altered intrusive rocks, with assays of up to 26.8 g/t Au, 161 g/t Ag, 6.5% Pb, 0.9% Zn, 4.2% Cu.
  • Starcore International Mines Ltd. entered into a letter of intent (LOI) with Eduardo de la Peña Gaitan and other owners, to acquire the 21,000 hectare Santa Fe project in Sinaloa. Previous exploration included 13,000 m of drilling in 2013, establishing an historical (Non 43-101 compliant) open pit resource of 285 K AuEq Oz in 5 M tonnes @ 89 g/t Ag, 0.56 g/t Au; or an underground resource of 225 K AuEq Oz in 1.28 M tonnes @ 266 g/t Ag, 1.83 g/t Au.
  • Mammoth Resources Corp. has mobilized a drill rig and a bulldozer to its Tenoriba property in Chihuahua. The company is to begin a 3,000 m drill program in 8 to 24 holes to test gold-silver targets on a 5 km strike length within a 15 square Km area of ubiquitous high sulfidation gold mineralization. The company announced the release of a technical report on the drill selection criteria.
  • Silver Bull Resources Inc. released results from four drill holes testing the sulfide zone below the previously defined oxide zone on its Sierra Mojada project in Coahuila. Highlighted results comprise 9 m @ 20.7% Zn, 1.0% Pb, 98 g/t Ag, 0.26% Cu, including 3.65 m @ 47.8% Zn, 2.5% Pb, 105 g/t Ag, 0.26% Cu; 3 m @ 537 g/t Ag, 3.9% Zn, 1.1% Cu, including 1 m @ 1,280 g/t Ag, 14.8% Zn, 2.3% Cu.
  • Prize Mining Corp. entered into an agreement (see the appropriate section below) to acquire the Manto Negro copper project in Coahuila. The project consists of seven mining concession covering 17,959 hectares. “The Project is identified as a stratabound Cu-Ag (+/- Pb-Zn) oxidized “Red Bed type” copper deposit… The Project area is hosted by Cretaceous carbonates and sandstones with exposures of mineralization being identified in numerous locations occurring in concordant layers ranging from 2 to 23 metres thick that are referred to as “Mantos”. Exposures of this mineralization have been identified over the 50-kilometre length of the Project.” The grades of historical sampling, trenching and drilling range from 0.73% to 5.55% Cu, 19 to 793 g/t Ag, 1.5 to 15% Pb and 0.3 to 3.64% Zn.
  • Mexican Gold Corp. announced that drilling to expand the high-grade dike contact mineralization previously encountered at its Las Minas project in Veracruz has successfully intersected long intervals of chalcopyrite-magnetite mineralization in five additional holes. Core length intervals include: 0 m; Cumulative 48.0 m; 20.3 m; cumulative 28.0 m, 28.0 m of chalcopyrite-magnetite mineralization.
  • Evrim Resources Corp. announced the acquisition and early exploration results of the 97 square kilometer Cuale gold project in Jalisco. The Cuale project was initially staked under the Callinan Royalties generative alliance (now owned by Altius Minerals Corp.) with formal title granted to Evrim for 100% ownership in November 2017. “Mineralization is found in moderately to strongly silicified rhyolite that contains up to 10% specular hematite in boxworks, interpreted to have formed after pyrite. Zones of pervasive silicification with strong clay alteration of phenocrysts trending to vuggy silica are observed..” Seven rock chip samples collected on a 500 m by 250 m zone returned from 0.19 to 4.56 g/t Au.


  • Impact Silver Corp. released its financial and production third quarter 2017 report. Production at the Guadalupe mill came primarily from the San Ramon Deeps, Cuchara and San Patricio mines. Highly variable ore from the San Ramon Deeps mine contributed to the lower grade mill feed @ 175 g/t Ag. Total silver production was 229.9 K Oz. Exploration work is focused on the Alacran, Alacran North, San Ramon North and El Paso vein. The company had a $6.0 M cash position at the end of the period.
  • Marlin Gold Mining Ltd. informed that most of the mining during the year at La Trinidad, in Sinaloa, focused on expanding and deepening the north side of the Taunus pit, while waste removal continues on the southern part of the pit. Up to the end of October, 35,500 Oz Au have been shipped. Drilling commenced at the Colinas target, 1.2 km south of the pit.
  • Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. recommenced operations at its Veta Grande mill in Zacatecas, following the authorization by PROFEPA and SEMARNAT (Environmental agencies in Mexico).
  • MX Gold Corp. informed all major tankage at the Magistral tailings project in Durango has been installed, with the grinding mill scheduled for completion in Early December 2017, and the installation of the Merrul-Crowe circuit underway.
  • Americas Silver Corp. informed production from the San Rafael mine at the company’s Cosalá operations in Sinaloa is now the sole source of mill feed. The mine is currently producing over 1,000 tonnes per day (tpd) of the targeted 1,500 tpd, with a stockpile of over 25 k tonnes from San Rafael and further 50 K tonnes of ore from Nuestra Señora.


  • Telson Resources Inc. reported that all the warrants issued as part of a private placement on November 2015 have been exercised, resulting in CAD$1 M in proceeds (Tahuehueto, Durango; Campo Morado, Guerrero).
  • Aztec Minerals Corp. has been approved to commence trading in the USA as of Nov 20th 2017, on the OTCQB under the symbol AZZTF (Cervantes, Sonora).
  • Primero Mining Corp. has agreed in principle with its lenders to an extension to its revolving credit facility and guarantee provided by Wheaton Precious Metals Corp., previously maturing on November 23, 2017. The facility has been extended to December 1, 2017, providing the company to continue negotiations on its strategic review process and the possible divestiture of its San Dimas mine in Durango.


  • Leagold Mining Corp. reported additional high-grade results from the Bermejal Underground drill program at the Los Filos mine in Guerrero. “Bermejal Underground is at the northern end of a large intrusive body which has a total circumference of at least 15 kilometres…” The area being drilled extends 1,600 m along the strike of the intrusive contact and has a vertical depth extent of over 800 m. The drilling shows consistent oxide mineralization at carbonate/intrusive contacts either along the intrusive contact or below the intersection between the sill and the Bermejal intrusive contact. An updated resource estimate is expected before year end.

Leagold Bermejal Underground drilling1

  • Stroud Resources Ltd. updated the resource estimate in a new technical report on its Santo Domingo Hostotipaquillo project in Jalisco. The reports confirms the presence of 6.1 M tonnes @ 0.47 g/t Au, 101 g/t Ag and 3.48 M tones @ 0.39 g/t Au which contain 91.6 K Oz Au, 19 M Oz Ag as measured and indicated resources and 43.2 K Oz Au, 10 M Oz Ag as inferred resources. La Raya vein has a mineralized zone 35 m wide over 700 m along strike and 300 m of depth; and the Guadalupe vein is typically 15 to 30 m wide. Five additional veins have been identified for further exploration.
  • Almaden Minerals Ltd. released drill results from its ongoing exploration and development program for the feasibility study (FS) of the Ixtaca deposit at its Tuligtic project in Puebla. Two holes confirmed the discovery of an ore zone within a portion of the pit considered waste in the prefeasibility study (PFS). The holes intersected 23 m @ 0.45 g/t Au; 38.6 m @ 7.92 g/t Au, 15 g/t Ag (including 1 m @ 237 g/t Au, 232 g/t Ag); 20.4 m @ 0.89 g/t Au, 12 g/t Ag (including 7.0 m @ 2.07 g/t Au, 20 g/t Ag).


  • Soleil Capital Corp. entered into an amalgamation agreement with Goldplay Exploration Ltd. on a business combination transaction. “The purpose of the Proposed Transaction is the creation of a public, TSX Venture Exchange-listed, Mexico-focused, precious metals exploration company utilizing Goldplay’s mineral exploration strategy and experience related to the Rosario District..” in Sinaloa. Upon completion of the transaction the resulting issuer will be named Goldplay Exploration Ltd. and will be listed as a Tier 2 Mining Issuer on the Exchange.
  • Monarca Minerals Inc. entered into a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire the San Jose property in Chihuahua. The 5,580 hectares project shows disseminations, stockwork and veins of skarn, gossan and altered intrusive rocks. The terms of the LOI include a US$20 K payment on execution of the LOI (paid), US$20 K on execution of the definitive agreement, US$50 K on the first anniversary, and US100 K on the second anniversary, with the owners retaining a 2% NSR, of which one percent can be purchased by Monarca for US$100 k. Back taxes on the property of US$390 K will be paid over a period of time. Concession taxes per year are approximately US$46 K.
  • Starcore International Mines Ltd. entered into a letter of intent (LOI) with Eduardo de la Peña Gaitan and other owners, to acquire the 21,000 hectare Santa Fe project in Sinaloa. Starcore has up to 120 days to conduct due diligence work, and 30 days to complete the acquisition. Starcore is to issue 5 M shares to the owners upon signing, and will be released on four installments, and pay US$6 M as follows: US$2 M on execution; US$1 M on 18 months; US$1 M on 36 months; US$1 M on 48 months; US$1 M on 60 months.
  • Camrova Resources Inc. (Baja Mining Corp.) informed that its interest in Minera y Metalurgica del Boleo S.A. P.I, de C.V. has been reduced from 10% to 7.3%. This is a result of Korea Resource Corporation funding Camrova’s pro rata ($42.9 M) on cash calls amounting $429 M. The Boleo project is to annually produce 30 K tonnes Cu, 700 tonnes Co, 10,500 K tonnes Zn sulfate (Boleo, Baja California).
  • Bacanora Minerals Ltd. announced that it filed a statement of claim seeking to void ab initio, a 3% gross over-riding royalty held by the Estate of Colin Orr-Ewing over certain of Bacanora assets in Sonora. The company also announced amendments to the employment arrangements of certain members of the executive management firm.
  • Bacanora Minerals Ltd. has been served by the estate of the late Ian Colin Orr-Ewing with legal proceedings filed on September 20th September 2017, on a dispute regarding the ownership of 3% gross overriding royalties over Bacanora’s Sonora Lithium project and Magdalena Borates project. The Estate currently owns 8.15% of the common shares of Bacanora.
  • Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. has now received the fifth in a series of seven optional payments from Fresnillo PLC for the properties optioned to them in the Uruachic mining district in Chihuahua. This $100 K payment is to be followed by another $100 k due on May 2018 and a final US$2.3 M payment on November 2018, if Fresnillo is to keep the property. Golden Goliath plans to use the final payment to pay for the drill program on its 100% owned San Timoteo property in Chihuahua.
  • Prize Mining Corp. entered into an agreement with Scion Mines S.A. de C.V. to acquire 100% interest in the Manto Negro copper project in Coahuila, by issuing 6 M shares with a restricted lock-up and restricted resale period. Six million shares more are to be issued if the next milestones are met on a 43-101 technical report: 2 M bonus shares if the estimated copper resource is over 500 M Lb; 2 M bonus shares if the estimated copper resource is over 750 M Lb; 2 M bonus shares if the estimated copper resource is over 1 B Lb.

Content like what you have just read can be seen at https://gambusinoprospector.com/ and at LinkedIn’s Mexico Mineral Exploration Group.

On the picture below, magnetite-chalcopyrite mineralization on drill core from Las Minas, Veracruz. Photo by Mexican Gold Corp. on its Nov 23rd, 2017 press release.

Core from Las Minas, Veracruz, photo from press release in Nov 2017



VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – November 21, 2017) – Almaden Minerals Ltd. (“Almaden” or “the Company”) (TSX: AMM) (NYSE MKT: AAU) (NYSE American: AAU) is pleased to announce new assay results from Almaden’s ongoing exploration and development program at the Company’s Tuligtic project, Mexico. One drill rig is focused on step-out exploration drilling outside of the established resource area, while the second drill rig has completed holes for metallurgical samples related to the ongoing Feasibility Study, and is now testing new zones within the Pre-Feasibililty Study (“PFS”) pit. Today’s results are from holes TU-17-518 and 520 which were drilled to follow-up hole TU-17-504 (announced August 23, 2017) that intersected new and significant mineralisation in an upper portion of the PFS pit which was modelled as waste material in the Company’s PFS. Holes TU-17-518 and 520 confirm this discovery of a new zone of mineralisation in volcanic and limestone. Highlights include the following intercepts:

Hole TU-17-518    SECTION 10+650 EAST Az. 150, Dip -57
23.00 meters @ 0.45 g/t Au and 1.0 g/t Ag
38.60 meters @ 7.92 g/t Au (2.84 g/t with 1 sample cut(1)) and 14.9 g/t Ag
Including 23.50 meters @ 12.70 g/t Au (4.36 g/t with 1 sample cut(1)) and 20.7 g/t Ag
And 5.00 meters @ 51.45 g/t Au (12.25 with 1 sample cut(1)) and 58.4 g/t Ag
And 1.00 meters @ 237.00 g/t Au and 232.0 g/t Ag
(1) gold assays over 41 g/t were cut to 41 g/t.
Hole TU-17-520    SECTION 10+675 EAST Az. 150, Dip -70
20.40 meters @ 0.89 g/t Au and 11.1 g/t Ag
Including 7.00 meters @ 2.07 g/t Au and 20.4 g/t Ag

Starcore Enters into Letter of Intent to Acquire the Santa Fe Project


Vancouver, British Columbia – Starcore International Mines Ltd.  (TSX:SAM) (“Starcore” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it  has entered into a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Eduardo de la Peña Gaitan and other property owners represented by him (the “Owners”), for Starcore to acquire approximately 21,000 hectares located in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico,  more commonly known as the Santa Fe Project (“Santa Fe” or the “Property”).

Under the terms of the LOI, Starcore will have an exclusive period of up to 120 days to conduct its due diligence on Santa Fe.  Upon satisfactory due diligence, a Definitive Agreement must be executed within 30 days in order for Starcore to complete the acquisition.



Toronto, November 21, 2017 – Monarca Minerals Inc. (TSXV:MMN) (“Monarca” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into to a Letter of Intent to acquire the San Jose Property, located in northern Chihuahua, Mexico.

San Jose Property
The 5,580-hectare San Jose Property area has excellent indications of multi-element mineralization associated with skarn, gossan and altered intrusive rocks. An existing geological report (2011) discloses assays of up to 26.84ppm Au, 161 g/tonne (5 opt) Ag, 6.5% Pb, 0.9% Zn, and 4.2% Cu

Stroud Resources Announces 71% Increase in Measured and Indicated Resources at Santo Domingo, Mexico


TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Nov. 20, 2017) – Stroud Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:SDR) (“Stroud” or the “Company”) has filed an updated, independent National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101”) Technical Report (the “Report”) on its Santo Domingo Project (the “Property”) located in the western silver-gold belt of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. The Property is located 90 km from Guadalajara in Jalisco Province; about 150 km south-west of First Majestic’s San Silver Mine and 150 km south-east of Endeavour Silvers’ Terronera Development Project. The Report was prepared by Derek McBride, P. Eng. using the exploration results from 16 diamond drill holes completed in 2011-2012, primarily on the La Raya and Guadalupe zones. It shows a significant increase in the measured and indicated and inferred mineral resource estimates from numbers previously reported in a 2010 Technical Report (press release of January 27, 2010).


  • Measured and Indicated resources increased to 25.74M silver equivalent ounces from 15.05M.
  • Inferred Resources increased to 13.39M silver equivalent ounces from 10.68M.
  • La Raya vein indicates a mineralized zone, 35 metres wide by 300 metres deep and over 700 metres along strike.
  • Guadalupe vein is typically 15 to 30 metres wide.
  • Five additional veins have been identified for future exploration, deeper into the hillside.

The Report confirms measured and indicated, and inferred resources as set out in the table below:

Classification Tonnes Gold
Eq. g/t
Ag Eq.
Measured 3,148,834 0.51 107.40 144.21 51,370 10,136,145 13,952,515
Indicated 2,932,967 0.43 94.07 124.93 40,242 8,874,620 11,785,663
Measured and Indicated 6,081,801 0.47 100.97 134.91 91,612 19,010,765 25,738,178
Inferred 3,482,160 0.39 119.56 43,228 10,083,932 13,387,222
Cut-off grade was 45 grams per tonne silver equivalent over a three metre true width and a gold-silver ratio of 72:1
Continuity of mineralization was established by drilling on 50 metre centres, and using a specific gravity of 2.65




Vancouver, November 20, 2017 – Leagold Mining Corporation (TSX:LMC; OTCQX:LMCNF) (“Leagold” or the “Company”) reports additional results from the Bermejal Underground drill program at the Los Filos mine in Mexico. Highlights include 5.8 grams per tonne (“gpt”) over 41.9 metres, including 10.6 gpt over 8.6 metres and 23.2 gpt over 3.5 metres; 19.0 gpt over 4.2 metres; and 8.3 gpt over 7.6 metres (all capped grades and true widths; see Table 1). The 22 new holes are part of a 56,000-metre infill and step-out exploration program, and follow 66 holes previously reported. Over 52,500 metres (94%) of the drill program have now been completed.

Leagold CEO Neil Woodyer stated: “The results of the drill program at Bermejal Underground have exceeded our expectations to date, with several areas of high-grade mineralization already defined. We continue to see excellent results as we focus the remainder of the drilling on the Central and Western side of the deposit. We have 15 rigs on site and will complete the drill program in November.

Highlights on the Third Week of November, 2017. Mineral Exploration in Mexico

During the 46th week of the year (November 13th to November 19th, 2017), at least 33 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico, including four quarterly reports. ON MEXICO ISSUES: The Mexican environmental agency (PROFEPA) suspended Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. operations at the Veta Grande mill in Zacatecas. ON EXPLORATION: six companies informed on exploration efforts during the week: In Sonora Aztec Minerals announced drilling is underway at the Cervantes project; Colibri has new drill targets at El Pilar project. In Chihuahua, Silver Spruce is on the drill permitting process stage for its Pino de Plata property; Endeavour released drill results with bulk mining potential at its Parral project. In Coahuila Alset Minerals  applied for over 400 K hectares of ground in mining concessions, looking for lithium brines. In Sinaloa, Santana Minerals disclosed high-grade historical assays from the Lupita prospect, in its Cuitaboca project.  ON MINING: Mag Silver, Leagold Mining, Primero Mining and Starcore International presented quarterly results. Vangold Mining informed of a sampling program to measure the backfill resource at the Pinguico property in Guanajuato. Telson Resources delivered the first concentrates from Campo Morado, in Guerrero. In Zacatecas, operations at Santacruz Silver’s mill in Vetagrande, Zacatecas were suspended by PROFEPA. ON FINANCING: This was definitely a good week, with six companies reporting the opening or closing of financing rounds: VVC Exploration, Over CA$2.6 M; MAG Silver, $48.16 M; Kootenay Silver, $4 M; Gainey Capital, $717.8 K (for a total of $1.96 M). ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT: Mexican Gold Corp released high grade results from four step out holes at its Las Minas property in Veracruz. Consolidated Zinc is modifying its plans to mill over 250 K tonnes per annum at its Plomosas property in Chihuahua. Silver Bull released high-grade Ag-Cu drill results from drilling the sulfide zone at its Sierra Mojada property in Coahuila. Oceanus disclosed high-grade results from the first hole on its new drill campaign at El Tigre, in Sonora.  ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES: Argonaut Gold is to acquire the Cerro del Gallo property in Guanajuato, from Primero mining, for US$15 M, including VAT.


  • PROFEPA (Mexico’s environmental enforcement agency) temporarily suspended operations at the Vetagrande mill in Zacatecas, citing inadequate atmospheric emission controls. Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. failed to present an environmental permit, equipment maintenance registers or an inventory of atmospheric emissions. Primero Mining received VAT refunds from the SAT (Servicio de Administracion Tributaria) of $4.6 M during Q3, and $10.6 M during October.


  • Alset Minerals Corp. staked and filed mineral claims for over 400 K hectares of prospective lithium-rich salars in Coahuila. The claims contain the dry lagoons of Mayran (one of the biggest dry lakes in Mexico), Viesca and Los Remedios, in an area of 150 km (N-S) by 125 km (E-W). At Viesca there is history of commercial brine extraction by Sulfatos de Viesca.
  • Aztec Minerals Corp. along with partner Kootenay Silver Inc. announced that phase one of the drilling program is underway at its Cervantes project in Sonora. The program consists of 3,000 m on 14 to 17 holes to test: 1) A gold anomaly in soil and rock chip surveys 600 m by 900 m over quartz-feldspar porphyry and intrusive breccias at the California prospect. 2) Au-Cu mineralization on the Jasper target. 3) A geophysical chargeability/resistivity anomaly.
  • Colibri Resource Corp. is changing the mineralization model at its El Pilar project in Sonora. The mineralization is hosted in andesites along the contact with a granodiorite, but recent drilling confirmed that a supposed strike slip fault is not present, increasing the potential for gold carrying pyrite rich zones associated to two structures in the andesites. New drill targets have been defined, with chargeability anomalies also to be tested.
  • Silver Spruce Resources Inc. has restarted the permitting process for initiating a drill program at its Pino de Plata project in Chihuahua. Drill companies have visited the 397 hectares property and are to submit bids on the drilling program that is to test three zones. The El Terrero target consists of disseminated epithermal mineralization in intrusive rocks, with grab samples of up to 557 g/t Ag. The Teodora vein targets have verification samples with up to 553 g/t Ag. The Santa Elena target area shows replacement Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu mineralization.
  • Endeavour Silver Corp. discovered additional potential bulk tonnage silver mineralization in the Palmilla area of its Parral project in Chihuahua. “ Endeavour drilling has outlined lower grade, bulk tonnage mineralization above and along strike of the old workings that may be amenable to open pit mining”. The true width mineralized intervals averaged 10.1 m @ 92 g/t Ag, 0.2% Pb, 0.4% Zn (Each mineralized interval on one of the Capuzaya, Palmilla and La Luz veins). Endeavour has already an historic resource at the Veta Colorada vein, and is continuing with drilling at the San Patricio vein. A new resource for the Parral property is to be released by Q1, 2018.
  • Santana Minerals Ltd. disclosed a review of historic data that shows high-grade silver mineralization in the La Lupita prospect, part of its Cuitaboca project in Sinaloa. Of a total of 24 samples collected by Peñoles in a 130 m long stretch, nine returned values between 200 g/t Ag and 786 g/t Ag, with an average (on the 24 samples) of 220 g/t Ag, 0.3 g/t Au. Previously reported saw channel sampling by Santana on the same zone returned 7 m @ 161 g/t Ag, 1.1 m @ 158 g/t Ag, 2.9 m @ 281 g/t Ag, 1.65 m @ 514 g/t Ag.


  • Vangold Mining Corp. started a grading and sampling campaign on the surface 200 K stockpile at its Pinguico property in Guanajuato. The company also intends to clean the underground workings in order to access and sample the mine back fill, which they estimate to have the potential to reach 500 K tonnes. The back fill comprises material that did not reach the 15 g/t Au cut off that was being mined in 1913. Both above ground and underground material is to be tested metallurgicaly to define processing methods.
  • Mag Silver Corp. released its third quarter 2017 financial results. During the quarter underground development has been intensified to allow for a planned increase to 4,000 tpd in mining rate, permitting is in process for the planned production increase, and a 20,000 m exploration drill program commenced in July, with three rigs on the surface and one underground. An independent feasibility study (FS) is due by early 2018. The company had $121.6 M in cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period. A new expanded resource estimate was presented on November 7, 2017.
  • Telson Resources Inc. delivered the first zinc concentrates produced at its Campo Morado mine in Guerrero, to Trafigura’s warehouse in Manzanillo, Colima. Up to the first week of November, Telson has produced more than 800 tonnes of zinc concentrate and more than 250 tonnes of lead concentrate.
  • Leagold Mining Corp. reported Q3 2017 production from Los Filos in Guerrero. During the quarter 7,6 M tonnes were moved and 2.1 M tonnes of ore mined @ 0.67 g/t Au, 98 K tonnes were mined from underground @ 7.43 g/t Au, with a recovery rate of 70% (estimated at 80% from underground material) to produce 47,766 Oz Au at an all-sustaining cost (AISC) of $993. An expanded resource estimate for the Bermejal underground deposit was released, and 38,581 m of a 56,000 m drilling campaign were also completed. The company held $52.9 M of cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period.
  • Primero Mining Corp. reported operating and financial results for the third quarter 2017. At San Dimas in Durango, 110.2 K tonnes were mined and 114.7 K tonnes milled (1,246 tpd) @ 4.78 g/t Au, 301 g/t Ag, recovering 97% Au, 94% Ag, to produce 17,070 Oz Au, 1.1 M Oz Ag (or 20,537 Oz AuEq), at cash cost $884 AuEq and AISC of $1,117 per ounce. Production at San Dimas was affected by persistent issues with underground equipment reliability which impacted development and stoping, and a strike by unionized workers over the negotiation of the 2016 annual workers’ bonus. Cash at end of period was $14,9 M, which increased to $22 M by the end of October.
  • Starcore International Mines Ltd. announced production results for the second quarter of fiscal 2018, ended on October 31st, 2017. During the quarter 69.7 K tonnes were milled @ 1.56 g/t Au, 13.6 g/t Ag, recovering 80.9% Au and 54% Ag, to produce 2,739 AuEq Oz. the Altiplano Facility received 137.2 K tonnes of concentrate and 311 Kg of precipitates containing 197 Oz Au, 13,650 Oz Ag. Also during the quarter 94 Oz Au and 20.3 K Oz Ag were sold.
  • Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. reported that the Mexican Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) requested that the subsidiary operating the Veta Grande mill hold the environmental license directly on its name. The documents were submitted on November 8th, and the company expects the imminent resumption of operations at the mill. The mining operations and mill maintenance have continued through this time period.


  • VVC Exploration Corp. issued last week shares and warrants for CA$1.4 M, pursuant to the first closing, shares and warrants were issued for gross proceeds of CA$1.26 M. Insiders of the company subscribed for an aggregate of CA$200 K (Samalayuca, Chihuahua).
  • MAG Silver Corp. announced a non-brokered private placement with some shareholders for up to $44 M in gross proceeds. Later on the week MAG informed that the offering was increased for total gross proceeds of $ $48.16 M. MAG intends to use the net proceeds of the offering to fund exploration and development of the Juanicipio Project, in Zacatecas, and for working capital and general corporate purposes (Juanicipio, Zacatecas).
  • Kootenay Silver Inc. announced the opening of a non-brokered private placement of up to $4 M (La Cigarra, Chihuahua).
  • Gainey Capital Corp. closed the second and final tranche of its previously announced private placement, for gross proceeds of $ 717.8 K. Total gross proceeds for the offering are $1.96 M (El Colomo, Nayarit).
  • Mexican Gold Corp. informed its largest share holder, Palisade Global Investments Ltd. exercised warrants for gross proceeds of $833 K (Las Minas, Veracruz).


  • Mexican Gold Corp. released results from four step-out holes at its Las Minas project in Veracruz. The highlighted intervals include: 54.0 m @ 3.9 g/t Au, 13 g/t Ag, 1.7% Cu (including 38 m @ 5.4 g/t Au, 17 g/t Ag, 2.2% Cu); 19.0 m @ 2.1 g/t Au, 0.2% Cu (including 5.0 m @ 4.6 g/t Au, 0.4% Cu); 21.35 m @ 1.3 g/t Au, 0.7% Cu (including 11.35 m @ 2.2 g/t Au, 1.0% Cu) in one hole, and 9.0 m @ 0.9 g/t Au, 11 g/t Ag, 1.4% Cu; 8.0 m @ 1.3 g/t Au, 0.4% Cu; 12.80 m @ 0.8 g/t Au, 8 g/t Ag, 1.2% Cu. The drilling increased the strike width of the initial resource to 365 m (a 65 m increase) by 395 m. The rig is back to this zone to commence infill and resource expansion drilling near the drill intercept outlined above.
  • Consolidated Zinc Ltd. is expanding the plans outlined in the recent scoping study on its Plomosas property in Chihuahua. The company is now evaluating the opportunity targeting over 250 K tonnes per annum over a mine life of 7 to 10 years.
  • Silver Bull Resources Inc. released results from the sulfide zone at its Sierra Mojada property in Coahuila. Highlighted drill intercepts comprise: 16 m @ 396 g/t Ag, 1.6% Cu (including 5 m @ 379 g/t Ag, 3.2% Cu; 6 m @ 610 g/t Ag, 1.1% Cu); 7 m @ 370 g/t Ag, 0.8% Cu; 4.8 m @ 352 g/t Ag, 0.6% Cu. The sulfide zone sits below the current Sierra Mojada’s oxide resource, along a steeply dipping fault, remaining open to depth and over 3 km along strike.
  • Oceanus Resources Corp. reported results from the first hole of the current drill campaign in the Caleigh vein at its El Tigre property in Sonora. The hole returned 0.75 m @ 10.9 g/t Au, 2,830 g/t Ag, encountering also the low grade hanging wall alteration zone adjacent to the vein, with 25.75 m @ 0.65 g/t Au, 92 g/t Ag. “The true width has not been calculated for the intercepts, however true width is generally estimated at 75% to 90% of drilled width.”


  • Argonaut Gold Inc. reached an agreement with Primero Mining Corp. regarding the acquisition of the Cerro del Gallo project in Guanajuato. Under the deal Argonaut is to purchase all the shares of the Primero Mining subsidiary that holds the property for a cash consideration of $15 M (including VAT), payable on closing.

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On the picture below, beautifully banded epithermal quartz vein from a prospect on the Durango Altiplano. Photo by Jorge Cirett.

059 - copia



Azure Minerals Limited (ASX: AZS), (“Azure” or “Company”) is pleased to advise that it has appointed Mr Glenn Jardine as Chief Operating Officer for the Company. Mr Jardine will lead the development of the Company’s flagship Oposura zinc-lead-silver project, located in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.
Mr Jardine is a highly experienced mining executive and has overseen the development of several precious and base metals mining projects from discovery through feasibility and construction to production, including the negotiation of concentrate off-take agreements and project funding arrangements. He has been closely involved with Azure’s project and business development activities in Mexico for approximately the past two years on a consulting basis.
The appointment of Mr Jardine follows Azure’s acquisition of the Oposura Project. Oposura is an advanced-stage, high-grade, massive sulphide-hosted, zinc-lead-silver project where a mineral resource drill-out program is in progress. The Company is concurrently undertaking development studies, including metallurgical testwork, mine design, hydrological and environmental studies.