The Mining and Exploration News in Mexico: Highlights on the Fourth Week of July, 2019

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By Jorge Cirett

During the 30th week of the year (July 22nd to July 28th, 2019), at least 29 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. ON MEXICO ISSUES, the Chihuahua government announced the Los Gatos mine is about to start production in the municipality of Satevó, and stated that the mining industry is of uttermost importance in the State, with 44 companies (80% Canadian) providing 12,300 well-paid jobs. ON EXPLORATION, In Sonora, Evrim released drill results from its Sarape project. ON MINING, Excellon, Mexus Gold and Great Panther presented production or financial results. Azure commenced open-pit mining at its Oposura project in Sonora. ON FINANCING, In a great week for the resource companies sector, Impact Silver, Golden Minerals, Americas Silver, SilverCrest Metals, Mako Mining, Southern Silver, Avino Silver, Discovery Metals and Oroco announced financing rounds for combined tens of millions of dollars, with several of those placements having been increased after the opening. Silver One Resources granted options to its personnel and consultants. Defiance Silver entered into a $200 K loan with one of its officers. Mexus Gold US paid a $105 K loan. Capstone Mining extended and amended its US$300 million corporate revolving credit facility.  ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT, Avino Silver released results from holes previously drilled testing the Avino system stockwork hanging-wall. GoGold released results from four more holes at its Los Ricos project in Jalisco. ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES, Prize Mining intends to change its name to Boundary Gold and Copper Mining. One World Lithium issued a technical clarification on its previous press release on drilling at its Salar del Diablo project in Baja California. Discovery Metals received conditional approval for the plan of arrangement with Levon Resources for the combination of its businesses, and Levon shareholders approved the said plan of arrangement.


  • The Secretariat on Innovation and economic Development of Chihuahua announced that a new mining project is about to start operations in the state: Los Gatos, in San Jose del Sitio, Satevó, with a US$316 M investment by Sunshine Silver and Dowa Holdings Co. Ltd. from Japan, that is to create more than 350 jobs. Other mining operations in the state include Pan American Silver’s Dolores mine in Madera, where 850 persons work, and Coeur’s Palmarejo mine with 800 workers. Chihuahua has 14 big mining operations, with 44 companies exploring in the state (80% Canadian companies) that generate 12,300 direct jobs with salaries that are 190% above the State average.


  • Evrim Resources Corp. released drill results from the 2019 maiden drill program at the Sarape project in Sonora. The 2,390 m ten hole program covered a 380 m strike length along the Sarape (6 km long), La Nune and Chiltepin veins. Highlighted results include 0.25 m @ 1.48 gpt Au, 20 gpt Ag; 8.47 m @ 0.33 gpt Au, 8 gpt Ag; 7.55 m @ 0.19 gpt Au, 11 gpt Ag; 24.68 m @ 0.18 gpt Au, 9 gpt Ag (including 1.4 m @ 0.55 gpt Au, 31 gpt Ag); 1.47 m @ 0.31 gpt Au, 21 gpt Ag; 1.46 m @ 0.80 gpt Au, 34 gpt Ag; 3.15 m @ 0.26 gpt Au, 10 gpt Ag; 11.57 m @ 0.22 gpt Au, 5 gpt Ag.


  • Excellon Resources Inc. announced second quarter 2019 production results from its Platosa mine, Durango. At the site 18,717 tonnes were mined, 19,964 tonnes processed @ 514 gpt Ag, 4.97% Pb, 7.40% Zn, recovering 90.6% Ag, 83.6% Pb, 79.6% Zn to produce 276.8 K Oz Ag, 1.76 M Lb Pb, 2.5 M Lb Zn. “.. the operation accessed multiple ore faces in the Rodilla, Pierna, 623 and Guadalupe South mantos. Operational efficiencies implemented in previous quarters continued to deliver results with lower dilution, higher grades and steady production rates”.
  • Mexus Gold US. informed that leaching from its 2,500 ton leach pad is returning solution to the holding pond at its Santa Elena mine in Sonora (not to mistake for First Majestic’s Santa Elena mine, also in Sonora). “It is expected to accumulate 5 to 7 oz. the first week with leaching continuing until the return solution stabilizes. Mexus will be adding new ore to the pad with the Merrill Crow gold recovery system running weekly to keep up with production.”
  • Great Panther Mining Ltd. reported financial results for the second quarter 2019. Most of the report is focused on the operation of the company’s recently acquired Tucano mine in Brazil, and not much is disclosed about its Mexican operations, other than the production of 10,023 Oz AuEq. At the end of the period cash and short-term deposits were $9.9 M (Topia, Durango).
  • Capstone Mining Corp. extended and amended its US$300 million corporate revolving credit facility with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CBIC) and Bank of Nova Scotia. “In the quarter ending June 30, 2019, Capstone paid an additional $20 million towards long-term debt , bringing the total deleveraging payments to $129 million over the last ten fiscal quarters, and the total long-term debt balance to $199.9 million” (Cozamin, Zacatecas).
  • Azure Minerals Ltd. commenced mining at its Oposura project in Sonora. Ore grading 10-15% Pb-Zn is being open-pit mined at a rate of 1,500-3,000 tonnes per month on the East-Zone, where all material being mined is classified as indicated mineral resources. “Processing of this ore is expected to commence in September under a toll treatment agreement with a third-party sulphide flotation processing plant”.


  • Silver One Resources Inc. granted 2.43 M stock options to its directors, officers, consultants and advisors (La Frazada, Nayarit).
  • Impact Silver Corp. amended the terms of its ongoing non-brokered private placement financing due to strong interest. Under the actual terms, Impact has closed a first tranche for gross proceeds of $1.235 M and expects to close a second tranche for additional $714 K. Under the modified terms a third tranche has been added seeking to raise additional $3 M (Zacualpan District, Estado de Mexico).
  • Impact Silver Corp. completed the second tranche of the previously announced non-brokered private placement, receiving aggregate gross proceeds of $714.3 K (Zacualpan District, Estado de Mexico).
  • Golden Minerals Co. closed the direct offering previously announced, for gross proceeds $2.25 M (Rodeo, Durango).
  • Americas Silver Corp. announced that Eric Sprott purchased shares of the company for a total of US$10 M in a non-brokered private placement, increasing its ownership to above 8% (Cosalá, Sinaloa).
  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. entered into an agreement with a syndicate of underwriters for the purchase of shares with gross proceeds of C$22.0 M, with the company paying the underwriters a cash commission of up to 5% of the gross proceeds. SSR Mining elected to exercise its right to maintain its pro rata ownership of up to 9.9% (Las Chispas, Sonora).
  • Defiance Silver Corp. “entered into a loan agreement with an entity controlled by one of its officers and directors which allows Defiance to borrow up to $200,000. The Loan is unsecured and will bear interest at the rate of 1% per month, accrued daily. It will mature on July 22, 2020”(San Acacio, Zacatecas).
  • Mako Mining Corp. announced the completion of the previously announced rights offering, raising total aggregate gross proceeds of $27 M.
  • Mexus Gold US. informed that the company has satisfied a $105 K loan commitment on time (Santa Elena, Sonora).
  • Southern Silver Exploration Corp. announced its previously announced $2M non-brokered private placement has been increased to $3 M (Cerro Las Minitas, Durango).
  • Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. entered into an agreement with Cantor Fitzgerald Canada Corp. as sole underwriter to the purchase of common shares of the company for gross proceeds of $4M and additional flow-through common shares for additional gross proceeds of $2 M (Avino, Durango).
  • Discovery Metals Corp. closed its non-brokered private placement, raising $ 9.0 M. Mr Eric Sprott acquired 17.56 M shares, and as a result he’s now the owner of 19.9% of Discovery’s issued and outstanding common shares. Finders’ fees of $17,500 were paid (Puerto Rico, Coahuila; Cordero, Chihuahua).
  • Oroco Resource Corp. announced a non-brokered private placement to raise $1.35 M (Santo Tomas, Sinaloa).
  • Americas Silver Corp. closed its previously announced non-brokered private placement with Mr. Eric Sprott, raising gross proceeds of US$10 M.
  • Capstone Mining Corp. extended and amended its US$300 million corporate revolving credit facility with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CBIC) and Bank of Nova Scotia. “In the quarter ending June 30, 2019, Capstone paid an additional $20 million towards long-term debt , bringing the total deleveraging payments to $129 million over the last ten fiscal quarters, and the total long-term debt balance to $199.9 million” (Cozamin, Zacatecas).


  • Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. released results from a sampling campaign comprising 52 recent and historic holes that were previously drilled on the hanging-wall of the Avino stockwork system of its Avino property in Durango. Some of the results released: 3.05 m @ 1.31 gpt Au, 24 gpt Ag, 0.02% Cu; 4.30 m @ 1.47 gpt Au, 71 gpt Ag, 0.49% Cu; 2.20 m @ 5.00 gpt Au, 120 gpt Ag, 0.13% Cu; 16.00 m @ 2.06 gpt Au, 67 gpt Ag, 0.69% Cu; 2.95 m @ 1.50 gpt Au, 31 gpt Ag, 0.47% Cu; 1.25 m @ 3.27 gpt Au, 10 gpt Ag, 0.11% Cu; 2.00 m @ 15.60 gpt Au, 146 gpt Ag, 0.28% Cu; 4.10 m @ 3.82 gpt Au, 103 gpt Ag, 0.23% Cu; 5.45 m @ 1.26 gpt Au, 133 gpt Ag, 0.07% Cu; 9.50 m @ 1.82 gpt Au, 119 gpt Ag, 0.50% Cu; 5.95 m @ 2.29 gpt Au, 232 gpt Ag, 0.30% Cu; 4.90 m @ 5.36 gpt Au, 26 gpt Ag, 0.07% Cu; 8.43 m @ 2.16 gpt Au, 21 gpt Ag, 0.15% Cu.
  • GoGold Resources Inc. delivered assays results from four more holes at its Los Ricos project in Jalisco. Highlighted intervals comprise: 21.4 m @ 0.81 gpt Au, 170 gpt Ag (including 12.9 m @ 1.24 gpt Au, 262 gpt Ag which includes 7.5 m @ 1.78 gpt Au, 342 gpt Ag) in one hole; 4.5 m @ 1.50 gpt Au, 197 gpt Ag, then stope, then 13.8 m @ 0.63 gpt Au, 86 gpt Ag) in another hole; 14.9 m @ 1.78 gpt Au, 106 gpt Ag in a third one and 7.5 m @ 0.09 gpt Au, 18 gpt Ag, then 2.2 m of open stope, then 15.6 m @ 1.15 gpt Au, 113 gpt Ag (including 6.5 m @ 2.38 gpt Au, 236 gpt Ag. The first hole of this release is the deepest so far to intersect the Los Ricos vein.


  • Prize Mining Corp. announced its shareholders will be asked in August 22 to approve the continuation of the company into the jurisdiction of Britsh Columbia, the consolidation of its shares on a 5 to one basis and the name change of the company to Boundary Gold and Copper Mining Ltd. (Manto Negro, Coahuila).
  • Discovery Metals Inc. has received conditional approval from the TSX Venture Exchange to complete the transaction with Levon Resources Ltd. for the combination of their businesses (Puerto Rico, Coahuila; Cordero, Chihuahua).
  • One World Lithium Inc. issued a technical clarification as a result of a review by the British Columbia Securities Commission about a previous news release on drilling results at its Salar del Diablo project in Baja California. The company had three distinct target levels at several zones, but drilling encountered harsh conditions due to the natural variability of the unconsolidated basin sediments. “Dense mudstones were interlayered with unconsolidated, water- and brinebearing sands. Drill bits and related equipment were commonly plugged by the mudstones, requiring multiple trips out of the hole to clean and unplug the drill bits. Unconsolidated sands poured or sloughed into the drill bore, requiring substantial time to stabilize the drill hole before drilling to additional depths. Some measure of control was established by drilling and setting casing at deeper levels, but high amounts of water impeded the progress of the drill…..”
  •  Discovery Metals Inc. announced a majority of Levon Resource Ltd’s shareholders approved the plan of arrangement for the combination of businesses (Puerto Rico, Coahuila, Cordero, Chihuahua).

Content like what you have just read can be seen at and at LinkedIn’s Mexico Mineral Exploration Group.

On the image below: sheeted quartz veinlets and minor stockwork development in metamorphic rocks of a project in Oaxaca. Picture by Jorge Cirett

IMG_2618 - copia

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