The Mining and Exploration News in Mexico: Highlights on the Fourth Week of April, 2022

By Jorge Cirett

During the 17th week of the year (April 25th to May 1st, 2022), at least 24 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. To note, five companies posted exploration advances on their properties, four released first quarter 2022 reports, one reported a temporary suspension of mining, one on a financing round, another one on an updated credit facility, eight reported either drill results or updated on work in their advanced properties. ON MEXICO ISSUES, according to Miner Deck, one company working in Mexico had the best gold intercept of the week, and five companies in Mexico participated in the best eight silver intercepts. The SGM stated that Ixtlilco el Grande in Tepalcingo, Morelos, is one of several sites favorable for lithium mineralization. Several institutions pointed out that Mexico can be involved in international litigations if proceeds to nullify mining concessions under the reform to the mining law recently approved. ON EXPLORATION, in Sonora, Tocvan Ventures provided drill results on the Pilar project; Silver Spruce received results from Diamante. In Durango, Commander Resources informed on drilling by Southern Empire Resources at Pedro. In Chihuahua, Mammoth Resources provide drilling results from Tenoriba. ON MINING, Guanajuato Silver reported 2021 production, Mag Silver, Alamos Gold and Agnico Eagle reported Q1 2022 production results. Gatos Silver temporarily suspended mining operations at Cerro Los Gatos in Chihuahua. ON FINANCING, Sonoro Gold is to raise up to C$3 M. Orla Mining informed on a project finance facility for US$150 M.  ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT, Barksdale Resources released the last results from its drilling campaign at San Javier, in Sonora. Endeavour Silver reported drilling results from its Parral project in Chihuahua. Altaley Mining filed an updated technical report on Tahuehueto, Durango. Sierra Madre Gold and Silver announced results from drilling at the Tepic project, in Nayarit. Chesapeake Gold released results from metallurgical infill holes at Metates, in Durango. SilverCrest Metals updated on construction work at Las Chispas, in Sonora. Discovery Silver updated on work at Cordero, in Chihuahua, GR Silver Mining released high-grade results from drilling at Plomosas, in Sinaloa. ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES, no relevant news.  ON SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, no relevant news.


  • According to Miner Deck, one company working in Mexico, Chesapeake Gold, drilled the best gold drilling intercept of the week, with 405 m @ 0.90 gpt Au at Metates, in Durango.
  • According to Miner Deck, five of the top eight silver intervals were drilled by companies working in Mexico. Gr Silver Mining was first with 24.2 m @ 1,094 gpt Ag at Plomosas, in Sinaloa. Chesapeake Gold was third with 357 m @ 31.6 gpt Ag, at Metates, in Durango. Radius Gold was fifth, with 11.8 m @ 450 gpt Ag at Amalia, in Chihuahua. Endeavour Silver was sixth, with 5.7 m @ 392 gpt Ag at Guanaceví, in Durango. Sierra Madre was eighth, with 3.05 m 625 gpt Ag at Tepic, in Nayarit.
  • The Servicio Geológico Mexicano (SGM), stated that Ixtlilco el Grande in Tepalcingo, Morelos, is one of several sites favorable for lithium mineralization.
  • The Cámara de Comercio Internacional argued that if the Mexican government nullifies mining concessions as results of the recently approved reform to the mining law, will be obligated to indemnify investors. This as a result of modifying the regulatory framework, as also pointed the Comisión de Comercio y Políticas de Inversión y el Comité de Arbitraje de Inversión de la International Chamber of Commerce.


  • Radius Gold Inc. reported drilling results from El Cuervo target at its Amalia project in Chihuahua. Highlighted core length intercepts comprise 14.60 m @ 117 gpt Ag, 0.92 gpt Au (including 0.9 m @ 1,185 gpt Ag, 6.93 gpt Au); 17.35 m @ 253 gpt Ag, 1.11 gpt Au (Including 7.60 m @ 414 gpt Ag, 2.10 gpt Au); 11.80 m @ 450 gpt Ag, 1.31 gpt Au (including 2.10 m @ 1,577 gpt Ag, 2.27 gpt Au). These holes were drilled from two platforms testing 350 m of strike and 300 m of depth.
  • Tocvan Ventures Corp. announced results from one more drill hole at its Pilar project in Sonora. Highlighted core length intervals comprise 108.6 m @ 0.8 gpt Au, 3 gpt Ag (including 31.9 m @ 2.4 gpt Au, 2 gpt Ag, which includes 9.4 m @ 7.6 gpt Au, 5 gpt Ag). The drill hole intersected a silicified andesite, including the 9.4 m high-grade breccia zone.
  • Silver Spruce Resources Inc. received high-grade surface sample results from its Diamante project in Sonora. The results are part of the phase 1 geological mapping program on the main drill target areas. Intense silica, sericite, clay and propylitic alteration was confirmed peripheral to veins and breccias in andesitic tuff, rhyolite and granodiorite. Highlighted surface sample results comprise 51.5 gpt Au, 11 gpt Ag; 7.57 gpt Au, 186 gpt Ag, 114 ppm Bi, 6.3% Pb; 3.31 gpt Au, 191 gpt Ag, 0.5% Pb; 2.99 gpt Au, 2,270 gpt Ag, 422 gpt Bi, 0.29% Cu, 4.4% Pb; 2.08 gpt Au, 533 gpt Ag, 0.19% Cu, 3.8% Pb, 7.5% Zn; 1.80 gpt Au, 199 gpt Ag, 2.8% Pb, 0.2% Zn; 1.141 gpt Au, 140 gpt Ag, 0.17% Cu, 2.6 % Pb, 3.6% Zn; 1.38 gpt Au, 1,980 gpt Ag, 3,290 ppm Bi, 11.1% Pb; 1.34 gpt Au, 100 gpt Ag, 100 ppm Bi, >1000 ppm Cd, 3.2% Cu, 5.7% Pb, 16.7% Zn; 0.94 gpt Au, 223 gpt Ag, 0.27% Cu, 4.0% Pb, 6.5% Zn; 0.72 gpt Au, 226 gpt Ag, 375 ppm Bi, 2.4% Pb; 0.27 gpt Au, 82 gpt Ag, 44 ppm Bi, >1,000 ppm Cd, 3.6% Pb, 22.9% Zn; 0.20 gpt Au, 1,310 gpt Ag, 0.37% Cu, 42.3% Pb, 8.2% Zn.
  • Commander Resources Ltd. informed on work by partner Southern Empire Resources at the Pedro project in Durango. Southern Empire completed six core holes for a total of 856 m. Highlighted core length results comprise 9.26 m @ 0.087 gpt Au; 5.28 m @ 0.151 gpt Au; 19.82 m @ 0.311 gpt Au; 5.26 m @ 0.115 gpt Au; 15.23 m @ 0.577 gpt Au; 5.88 m @ 0.098 gpt Au; 14.75 m @ 0.230 gpt Au. “The Au-As-Sb-Hg-Tl-Te geochemical suite associated with strong orpiment (As S ) and realgar (AsS) mineralization observed in the Pedro drill core is, in part, indicative of Carlin-style gold deposits”.
  • Mammoth Resources Corp. provided results from three additional diamond drill holes at Tenoriba, in Chihuahua. Highlighted core length intervals comprise 6.0 m @ 0.20 gpt Au, 3 gpt Ag; 15.0 m @ 0.34 gpt Au, 2 gpt Ag; 6.0 m @ 0.59 gpt Au, 3 gpt Ag in one hole on the Moreno zone; 46.5 m @ 0.45 gpt Au, 5 gpt Ag in another hole on the Carneritos zone and 37.5 m @ 0.98 gpt Au, 15 gpt Ag (including 18.0 m @ 1.13 gpt Au, 21 gpt Ag, 0.55% Cu) and 12.0 m @ 0.08 gpt Au, 0.45% Cu in one other hole on the Moreno zone. To date, results for 1,914 m have been released from 13 holes on the current drilling program of 27 holes with 3,240 m drilled. The program has been halted for lack of water for drilling.


  • Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd. reported selected financial and production results for 2021. Production at El Cubo mine in Guanajuato commenced in October 2021. A total of 89.1 K tonnes were mined from El Cubo and existing stockpiles from El Pinguico, with 77.5 K tonnes milled, recovering 82.6% Ag, 78.8% Au to produce 124,7 K Oz Ag, 1,440 Oz Au at cash cost $20.36 per Oz AgEq mined. By the end of the period the company had $8.23 M in cash and an additional $1.6 M in bullion.
  • MAG Silver Corp. reported first quarter 2022 production of underground development and stope material at Juanicipio (56% Fresnillo/44% Mag Silver), in Zacatecas. On a 100% basis, 145.5 K tonnes were processed @ 597 gpt Ag, producing 2.4 M Oz Ag, 5,837 Oz Au. MAG Silver attributable production is 1.06 M Oz Ag, 2,568 Oz Au; the associated Pb and Zn production is to be reported with MAG’s first quarter filings.
  • Gatos Silver Inc. suspended temporarily mine operations at Cerro Los Gatos in Chihuahua. “The Mexican Ministry of Defense (“SEDENA”), who regulates all explosives permits in Mexico, temporarily suspended CLG’s explosive and blasting permit on April 21, 2022, following a blasting incident during underground development activities where two blasts were detonated prematurely”. No personnel were injured and no significant damage to equipment occurred. The company expects the resumption of mining activities next week.  
  • Alamos Gold Inc. reported Q1 2022 financial results, including figures from its Mexican operations. At Mulatos in Sonora, 613.8 K tonnes of ore were mined, 1.97 M tonnes of waste moved, stacking 1.74 M tonnes @ 0.73 gpt Au, for 40,852 Oz Au stacked. During the period 22,500 Oz Au were produced at cash cost $1,570 per Oz Au, and an AISC of $1,782 per Oz Au. “Mulatos produced 22,500 ounces in the first quarter, lower than the prior year period though consistent with first half 2022 guidance of between 45,000 and 50,000 ounces. Initial production from La Yaqui Grande in the third quarter and higher grades from El Salto are expected drive production substantially higher in the second half of the year to between 85,000 and 95,000 ounces”.
  • Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. released first quarter 2022 results, including figures from its Mexican operations. At Pinos Altos, in Chihuahua, 384 K tonnes were processed at a rate of 4,267 tonnes per day (tpd), averaging 2.14 gpt Au, to produce 25,170 Oz Au at cash cost $1,078 per Oz Au. At Creston Mascota, residual recovery from the heap leach pad continued, producing 1,006 Oz Au at cash cost $407 per Oz Au with residual leaching to continue throughout the second quarter of 2022. At La India, in Sonora, 1.56 M tonnes were processed at a rate of 17.4 K tpd, averaging 0.57 gpt Au, to produce 21,702 Oz Au at cash cost $820 per Oz Au.


  • Sonoro Gold Corp. is to undertake a non-brokered private placement offering to raise up to C$3 M (Cerro Caliche, Sonora).
  • Orla Mining Ltd. announced the refinancing of its US$125 M project finance facility with a new US$150 M secured credit facility which includes a US$100 M term facility and a US$50 M revolving facility through the Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal, and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Camino Rojo, Zacatecas).


  • Barksdale Resources Corp. announced additional drill results from its 5,000 m phase I drilling program at the Cerro Verde zone of the San Javier project in Sonora. Highlighted core length intervals in three holes comprise 21 m @ 0.14% Cu, 0.47 gpt Au; 21 m @ 0.61% Cu, 0.28 gpt Au; 6 m @ 0.04% Cu, 1.90 gpt Au; 6 m @ 0.19% Cu, 0.49 gpt Au; 15 m @ 1.48% Cu (including 9 m @ 2.22% Cu); 6 m @ 0.10% Cu, 0.49 gpt Au in one hole; 27 m @ 0.31% Cu; 18 m @ 0.36% Cu; 6 m @ 0.25% Cu; 12 m @ 0.80% Cu; 6 m @ 1.19% Cu; 66 m @ 0.33% Cu in a second hole, 33 m @ 0.29% Cu; 6 m @ 0.25% Cu in the third hole and 15 m @ 0.23% Cu; 3 m @ 0.10% Cu, 0.45 gpt Au; 3 m @ 0.17% Cu, 0.37 gpt Au; 6 m @ 0.29% Cu. “Two additional holes on the western flank of Cerro Verde have intercepted broad zones of mineralization further to the west, while hole SJ21-32 has confirmed copper mineralization in addition to further extending oxide gold”. Next in line is the completion of an initial resource estimate at Cerro Verde and planning of the next exploration phase, which is likely to include targets at La Trinidad and Mesa Grande prospects.
  • Endeavour Silver Corp. reported results from drilling at its Parral project in Chihuahua. Highlighted true width intercepts comprise 0.98 m @ 169 gpt Ag, 3.9% Pb, 2.3% Zn; 3.24 m @ 194 gpt Ag, 0.1% Pb, 0.2% Zn; 5.91 m @ 218 gpt Ag, 0.6% Pb, 1.1% Zn; 2.31 m @ 314 gpt Ag, 0.7% Pb, 0.3% Zn; 1.92 m @ 203 gpt Ag, 0.2% Pb; 1.13 m @ 439 gpt Ag, 0.23% Cu, 0.6% Pb, 0.1% Zn; 3.27 m @ 392 gpt Ag, 0.6% Pb, 2.1% Zn at Veta Colorada Sierra Plata Deep vein; 1.96 m @ 513 gpt Ag, 0.11% Cu, 2.0% Pb, 1.7% Zn; 4.23 m @ 0.14 gpt Au, 331 gpt Ag, 2.8% Pb, 2.2% Zn; 1.84 m @ 178 gpt Ag, 0.9% Pb, 1.0% Zn; 1.25 m @ 0.14 gpt Au, 310 gpt Ag, 1.8% Pb, 2.0% Zn; 3.49 m @ 395 gpt Ag, 0.14% Cu, 2.8% Pb, 2.7% Zn; 1.17 m @ 289 gpt Ag, 0.12% Cu, 3.0% Pb, 2.6% Zn; 1.18 m @ 191 gpt Ag, 0.8% Pb, 1.6% Zn; 2.48 m @ 0.12 gpt Au, 532 gpt Ag, 0.28% Cu, 3.1% Pb, 3.1% Zn at the Veta Colorada El Verde vein zone, and 2.09 m @ 0.61 gpt Au, 55 gpt Ag, 0.13% Cu, 3.0% Pb, 3.5% Zn; 0.48 m @ 0.49 gpt Au, 75 gpt Ag, 5.8% Pb, 4.7% Zn, at the Veta Colorada-San Joaquín vein. “Veta Colorada (including the Sierra Plata and El Verde mines) was a past producing mining operation owned by Grupo Mexico that closed in 1991 due to low silver prices. Mineralization, which occurs in a major silver vein structure that ranges from 1 to 30 metres thick, was mined seven levels down to 300-metre depths below surface in places and was traced for seven kilometres”.
  • Altaley Mining Corp. filed an updated technical report, including a preliminary feasibility study (PFS) for its Tahuehueto project in Durango. The previous report released in March 2021 “contained errors related to net smelter return calculations that under-estimated the PFS economics”, the updated disclosure increases “approximately 30% to the overall economics of the project”. The project envisages 1 K tpd operation with a mine life (LOM) of 10.9 years, to process a total of 3.55 M tonnes of ore @ 2.58 gpt Au, 50.5 gpt Ag, 0.3% Cu, 1.1% Pb, 1.9% Zn, with planned recovery of 87% Au, 85% Ag, 85% Cu, 85% Pb, 68% Zn to have a total net smelter return (NSR) of $645.4 M, LOM total capital cost of $56.9 M, an AISC of $855 per Oz AuEq, an EBITDA LOM of 357.7 M and an IRR of 65.5 with a payback period of 2 years. The project estimate of resources stands at 6.26 M tonnes @ 47 gpt Ag, 2.11 gpt Au, 0.27% Cu, 0.9% Pb, 1.98% Zn containing 9.45 M Oz Ag, 425 K Oz Au, 36.6 M Lb Cu, 123.9 M Lb Pb, 273.3 M Lb Zn in measures and indicated resources and 0.92 M tonnes @ 28.5 gpt Ag, 1.02 gpt Au, 0.15% Cu, 1.16% Pb, 1.96% Zn, containing 0.84 M Oz Ag, 30 K Oz Au, 3.K M Lb Cu, 23.6 M Lb Pb, 39.7 M Lb Zn.
  • Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. announced results from additional drill holes from the phase 2 program at its Tepic project in Nayarit. Highlighted core length intervals comprise 6.65 m @ 210 gpt Ag, 1.06 gpt Au (including 1.5 m @ 524 gpt Ag, 2.47 gpt Au); 4.5 m @ 264 gpt Ag, 1.85 gpt Au (including 1.5 m @ 740 gpt Ag, 2.37 gpt Au); 3.05 m @ 625 gpt Ag, 1.60 gpt Au; 1.5 m @ 185 gpt Ag, 0.26 gpt Au; 1.5 m @ 110 gpt Ag, 0.23 gpt Au. “Ten of the twelve holes were designed to test up dip or strike extensions of known structures outside of the volumes used in the historical resource estimations”.
  • Chesapeake Gold Corp. released results for the last 13 PQ size infill core drill holes at its Metates project in Durango. The 2021-2022 infill drill campaign totaled 7,485 m, returning 22% higher grades within intrusive hosted mineralization. Highlighted core-length intervals comprise 357 m @ 0.63 gpt Au, 20.5 gpt Ag; 357 m @ 1.00 gpt Au, 31.6 gpt Ag; 39 m @ 0.28 gpt Au, 30.9 gpt Ag; 118 m @ 1.24 gpt Au, 14.4 gpt Ag; 350 m @ 0.74 gpt Au, 23.2 gpt Ag (including 43 m @ 1.17 gpt Au, 8.6 gpt Ag); 69 m @ 0.50 gpt Au, 16.3 gpt Ag; 45 m @ 1.01 gpt Au, 11.5 gpt Ag; 226 m @ 0.95 gpt Au, 16.2 gpt Ag; 9 m @ 2.20 gpt Au, 6.8 gpt Ag; 405 m @ 0.90 gpt Au, 27.6 gpt Ag; 172 m @ 0.41 gpt Au, 25.4 gpt Ag; 45 m @ 0.82 gpt Au, 56.8 gpt Ag; 63 m @ 0.59 gpt Au, 10.6 gpt Ag; 138 m @ 1.38 gpt Au, 11.1 gpt Ag. “The infill drill holes targeted the intrusive-hosted mineralization and are spaced at approximately 50 metre intervals”.
  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. updated on construction at Las Chispas project in Sonora. At the end of Q1 construction at Las Chispas was 95.7%, with plant start-up on track for Q2 2022. Capital costs remain on budget, the power line is to be completed in Q2 and energized in Q3 while rental power generators were commissioned and are operational. A total of 19 .5 Km of underground development have been completed, 2.0 km in the last quarter. “The H1, 2022 exploration focus at Las Chispas is to map and sample unexplored areas and generate new drill targets”. At the end of Q1 2022 SilverCrest had cash and cash equivalents of $152 M, and $30 M available on a $120 M financing facility.
  • Discovery Silver Corp. updated on work at Cordero, in Chihuahua, to the Q4 2021. During the period a PEA on Cordero was completed, outlining a 16-year mine life producing 26 M Oz AgEq per year at an AISC of $12.35 per Oz AgEq. Work for this 2022 includes the pre-feasibility study (PFS), resource expansion and initial drill testing of five targets within the extensive land package owned by Discovery.
  • GR Silver Mining Ltd. announced results from its surface infill drill program at Plomosas, in Sinaloa. The results are part of the phase 1 program in the Plomosas mine area. Some of the highlighted true width results comprise 0.9 m @ 435 gpt Ag, 1.1% Pb, 5.1% Zn; 0.9 m @ 805 gpt Ag, 4.2% Pb, 5.6% Zn; 4.5 m @ 257 gpt Ag, 0.3% Pb, 0.4% Zn; 9.0 m @ 96 gpt Ag, 0.11 gpt Au, 0.2% Pb, 0.4% Zn; 2.8 m @ 176 gpt Ag, 0.3% Pb, 0.4% Zn; 8.5 m @ 410 gpt Ag, 0.30 gpt Au, 1.0% Pb, 1.0% Zn; 6.9 m @ 1,521 gpt Ag, 1.2% Pb, 1.6% Zn; 30.5 m @ 12 gpt Ag, 0.28 gpt Au, 1.0% Pb, 0.8% Zn; 16.0 m @ 289 gpt Ag, 0.1% Pb, 0.1% Zn; 15.7 m @ 238 gpt Ag, 0.1% Pb, 0.1% Zn; 9.5 m @ 372 gpt Ag, 0.1% Pb, 0.1% Zn.  


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On the image below: Quartz-barite-FeOx vein in the Sonoran Desert. Picture by Jorge Cirett.

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