The Mining and Exploration News in Mexico: Highlights on the Fifth Week of April, 2021

By Jorge Cirett

During the 17th week of the year (April 26th to May 2nd, 2021), at least 34 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. To note, six companies posted exploration advances on their properties, six presented mining related news, four posted on financing or share options (including $11.5 M, and $28.7 M), seven more on project development or resource definition and five posted on corporate issues. ON MEXICO ISSUES, no relevant news were published. ON EXPLORATION, In Baja California, Comet Resources informed on mapping and sampling advances at Santa Teresa. In Sonora, Silver Spruce released results from due diligence work at El Diamante; Tarachi Gold updated on work at the Tarachi project; Riverside reported drilling results from Cecilia. In Chihuahua, Radius Gold released results from drilling at Amalia. In Zacatecas, Defiance Silver provided drilling results from San Acacio. ON MINING, Gold Resource, Mag Silver, Alamos Gold, Fresnillo PLC, Coeur Mining and Agnico Eagle released Q1 2021 production results. To note, Fresnillo produced over 12 M Oz Ag and 216 K Oz Au during the period. ON FINANCING, Telson Mining restructured US$3 M in debt. Tarachi granted options to directors, officers and consultants, GR Silver and Prime Mining completed their previously announced placements for $11.5 M and $28.7 M respectively. ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT, Argonaut Gold released high-grade drilling results from below the pit plan at La Colorada. Telson Mining informed of accelerated construction at Tahuehueto. Sonora Gold released results from 25 RC holes at Cerro Caliche. Southern Silver reported extension of mineralization discovered by recent drilling. Ridgestone Mining is to prepare a new resource estimate on Guadalupe y Calvo. Fabled Silver reported drill results from Santa Maria. Golden Tag is reinterpreting geology at San Diego.   ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES, Santacruz Silver Mining completed the acquisition of the Zimapan mine. Telson Mining closed the Campo Morado variable purchase price royalty. Fortuna Silver entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Roxgold shares (Africa oriented). Silver Spruce signed the definitive agreement on the Diamante properties in Sonora. Empress Royalty has funded an initial $2 M on the silver stream agreement with Tahuehueto. ON SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, Peñoles donated tree saplings in Coahuila.


  • No Relevant News.


  • Silver Spruce Resources Inc. released surface rock sample results from El Diamante concessions in Sonora. The assays range from 0.127 gpt Au to 1.195 gpt Au, with up to 837 gpt Ag, 1.2% Pb, 6.9% Zn for the five samples collected as part of the due diligence work in the properties under a LOI. “The Property exhibits geological features of epithermal low to intermediate sulphidation Ag-Au (Pb-Zn), high sulphidation Au-Cu, and potential transition to porphyry style Au-Cu”.
  • Tarachi Gold Corp. informed past drilling at La Dura mine area at the Tarachi project in Sonora returned high-grade intercepts like 20.75 m @ at 5.05 gpt Au and 20.1 m @ 4.54 gpt Au. High grade intercepts seem to be related to sulfide rich zones by the side of breccia pipes.
  • Riverside Resources Inc. and Carlyle Commodities Corp. released further drill results from the Cecilia project in Sonora. Highlighted down hole intercepts comprise 5.65 m @ 0.39 gpt Au; 2.0 m @ 0.78 gpt Au; 1.5 m @ 0.60 gpt Au; 2.3 m @ 0.19 gpt Au; 3.15 m @ 0.31 gpt Au and true width intercepts (tw) of 3.3 m @ 3.70 gpt Au (including 1.3 m @ 8.82 gpt Au); 3.05 m @ 0.67 gpt Au, 1.5 m @ 1.18 gpt Au.
  • Radius Gold Inc. reported final results for phase 4 drilling at the Amalia project in SW Chihuahua. A total of 10,558 m in 31 holes have been completed, with 4,385 m in 10 holes in this phase. Highlighted true width intervals comprise: 14.5 m @ 6.8 gpt Au, 321 gpt Ag; 3.9 m @ 18.34 gpt Au, 813 gpt Ag; 6.5 m @ 0.59 gpt Au, 151 gpt Ag; 13.25 m @ 0.9 gpt Au, 116 gpt Ag. The next targets comprise El Cuervo and California areas, with the first being 3 to 7 m wide and 1.5 km long, while the latter vein is up to 4 m in width, outcropping discontinuously for 3 km.
  • Comet Resources Ltd. informed field mapping and sampling has been completed at its Santa Teresa project in Baja California. Assay results from re-sampling of historical core are awaited and the environmental permit for drilling has been filed.
  • Defiance Silver Corp. provided results from drilling the Veta Grande vein system at San Acacio in Zacatecas. Highlighted intervals comprise 3.64 m @ 0.2 gpt Au, 191 gpt Ag (including 0.92 m @ 0.74 gpt Au, 705 gpt Ag, 0.34% Pb, 0.70% Zn); 18.55 m @ 0.39 gpt Au, 99 gpt Ag (including 1.57 m @ 2.27 gpt Au, 1,090 gpt Ag, 0.72% Pb, 2.33% Zn); 8.35 m @ 0.07 gpt Au, 97 gpt Ag; 23.50 m @ 0.47 gpt Au, 52 gpt Ag, 0.93% Pb, 1.36% Zn (including 4.73 m @ 1.31 gpt Au, 144 gpt Ag, 2.8% Pb, 3.60% Zn); 5.87 m @ 0.17 gpt Au, 125 gpt Ag, 0.22% Pb, 0.61% Zn; 2.65 m @ 0.05 gpt Au, 307 gpt Ag, 0.27% Zn; 8.22 m @ 0.32 gpt Au, 262 gpt Ag, 0.36% Pb, 1.26% Zn.


  • Gold Resource Corp. presented its Q1 2021 production report. During the period 6,097 Oz Au, 307.6 K Oz Ag (10,750 Oz AuEq) at cash cost of $408 per Oz at the Don David mine in Oaxaca.
  • MAG Silver Corp. reported first quarter 2021 production from the Juanicipio project (56% / 44% joint venture with Fresnillo Plc) in Zacatecas. During the period 36.4 K tonnes of development material were processed to produce 462.3 K Oz Ag, 697 Oz Au, of which 203.4 K Oz Ag, 307 Oz Au were attributable to MAG Silver.
  • Alamos Gold Inc. released its first quarter 2021 production report, with figures from its Mexican operations. At Mulatos, in Sonora, 910.9 K tonnes were mined, 2.46 M tonnes of waste moved, stacking 1.83 M tonnes of ore @ 0.93 gpt Au containing 54,723 Oz Au. During the period 35,600 Oz Au were produced at cash cost $915 per Oz Au and mine-site AISC of $1,039 per Oz Au. The nearby La Yaqui Grande project is being developed with independent heap leach and crushing circuits, with commercial production expected in Q3 2022. Production is expected to reach 123 K Oz Au per year at an AISC of $578 per Oz Au.
  • Fresnillo PLC. released its first quarter 2021 production report, which amounted to 12.63 M Oz Ag (including silver stream), 228,193 Oz Au, 15,340 tonnes Pb, 25,881 tonnes Zn.
  • Coeur Mining Inc. reported first quarter 2021 financial results, including figures from its Mexican operations. At Palmarejo, in Chihuahua, 484.4 K tonnes were milled @ 1.87 gpt Au, 127 gpt Ag, recovering 95.7% Au, 81.3% Ag to produce 28,605 Oz Au, 1.6 M Oz Ag. A total of 16,525 m were drilled in the period, in which $3 M were spent in exploration.
  • Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. disclosed Q1 2021 results, including figures from its operations in Mexico. At Pinos Altos, in Chihuahua, 493 K tonnes were processed at a rate of 5,478 tonnes per day and a grade of 1.91 gpt Au, to produce 29,175 Oz Au at cash cost $838 per Oz. At La India, in Sonora, 1.64 M tonnes were processes at a rate of 18.244 tpd and a grade of 0.43 gpt Au, to produce 17,033 Oz Au at cash cost $936. At Santa Gertrudis, exploration in the period included 8,970 m in 22 holes. Additional drilling and metallurgical testing are planned to continue


  • Telson Mining Corp. has restructured debt owed to Estrategias Corporativas en Finanzas, S.A.P.I de C.V.. The MXP $64.7 M debt has been converted to USD$3.1 M at 10% interest on a 36 month term and 12 month grace period. “In consideration of the loan restructuring of this debt, the Company has agreed to issue to Escorfin, 500,000 bonus shares and 1,500,000 bonus warrants” (Tahuehueto, Durango).
  • Tarachi Gold Corp. granted 1.2 M options to directors, officers and consultants (Tarachi, Sonora).
  • GR Silver Mining Ltd. completed its previously announced bought deal private placement for gross proceeds of $11.53 M, which was oversubscribed (Plomosas, Sinaloa).
  • Prime Mining Corp. completed its previously announced bought deal private placement, for gross proceeds of $28.75 M (Los Reyes, Sinaloa).


  • Argonaut Gold Inc. announced the discovery of high grade gold veins below the El Crestón open pit at its La Colorada mine in Sonora. Selected true width (TW) drill results comprise 16.3 m @ 3.88 gpt Au, 10 gpt Ag (including 5.8 m @ 9.28 gpt Au, 24 gpt Ag); 29.3 m @ 3.71 gpt Au, 7 gpt Ag; 16.5 m @ 44.59 gpt Au, 275 gpt Ag (including 2.4 m @ 283.10 gpt Au, 858 gpt Ag; 14.8 m @ 1.45 gpt Au, 3 gpt Ag; 17.0 m @ 3.92 gpt Au, 3 gpt Ag; 10.8 m @ 4.86 gpt Au, 188 gpt Ag (including 2.8 m @ 18.39 gpt Au, 686 gpt Ag); 16.1 m @ 5.45 gpt Au, 111 gpt Ag (including 2.8 m @ 31.09 gpt Au, 515 gpt Ag); 48.6 m @ 0.77 gpt Au 22 gpt Ag; 9.9 m @ 98.85 gpt Au, 30 gpt Ag (including 2.5 m @ 383.00 gpt Au, 113 gpt Ag); 4.8 m @ 18.39 gpt Au, 5 gpt Ag (including 1.2 m @ 60.20 gpt Au, 6 gpt Ag); 40.2 m @ 5.22 gpt Au, 44 gpt Ag. “The high-grade zones are deep extensions of the gold rich veins now being mined within the El Crestón open pit and display good lateral continuity along strike”.
  • Telson Mining Corp. informed construction work was accelerated at the Tahuehueto project in Durango, where a 1,000 tpd mining operation is being developed. Construction and commissioning is estimated at US$15.4 M, of which C$10.1 M were raised in March and in mid-April a silver stream agreement was signed with Empress that will provide US$5 M in two tranches. “The final US $12 million Accendo Banco loan facility is in the late stages of documentation and expected to close in the coming weeks along with the restructuring of Telson outstanding loans with Trafigura and Nyrstar“.
  • Sonoro Gold Corp. reported assay results from 25 RC holes drilled at its Cerro Caliche project in Sonora. Highlighted drill-length intervals comprise 16.77 m @ 1.84 gpt Au (including 4.57 m @ 5.63 gpt Au); 7.62 m @ 2.42 gpt Au (including 1.52 m @ 10.6 gpt Au); 12.19 m @ 1.07 gpt Au, 25.91 m 0.58 gpt Au. El Colorado zone was expanded in three directions, the Cabeza Blanca vein zone was extended ant drilling at Buena Vista-Japoneses suggest potential coalescence with the Buena Suerte zone.
  • Southern Silver Exploration Corp. reported further drilling results that extend mineralization at its Cerro Las Minas project in Durango. At Mina La Bocona area, polymetallic sulfide true width intercepts comprise 7.5 m @ 262 gpt Ag, 0.1 gpt Au, 7.0% Pb, 1.7% Zn (559 gpt AgEq); 4.0 m @ 161 gpt Ag, 0.2 gpt Au, 8.8% Pb, 2.4% Zn (293 gpt AgEq); 2.4 m @ 335 gpt Ag, 0.2 gpt Au, 0.3% Cu, 5.3% Pb, 2.4% Zn (638 gpt AgEq).   
  • Ridgestone Mining Inc. engaged an independent consultant to prepare a NI 43-101 mineral resource estimate for the Guadalupe y Calvo project in Chihuahua.
  • Fabled Silver Gold Corp. reported drill results on the North Vein Structure at its Santa Maria project in Chihuahua. Highlighting intercepts of 26.90 m @ 0.047 gpt Au, 29 gpt Ag, 0.17% Zn (including 1.20 m @ 0.041 gpt Au, 108 gpt Ag, 0.27% Zn and 4.40 m @ 0.062 gpt Au, 83 gpt Ag and 2.20 m @ 0.017 gpt Au, 118 gpt Ag).
  • Golden Tag Resources Ltd. initiated a geologic interpretation of the San Diego deposit in Durango. The lithology, alteration, structure and assay datasets will be reviewed and incorporated on a 3 D platform. The focus of the program is to evaluate the recently identified potential for near surface skarn mineralization.


  • Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. completed the previously announced acquisition of the Zimapan mine assets from Grupo Peñoles, with the transaction facilitated by Trafigura with a US$17.6 M loan facility.
  • Telson Mining Corp. closed the purchase of the Nyrstar Campo Morado variable purchase price royalty by issuing 14.6 M shares to Nyrstar.
  • Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. and Roxgold Inc. entered into a definitive agreement for Fortuna to acquire all Roxgold shares. “Upon completion of the Transaction, existing Fortuna and Roxgold shareholders will own approximately 64.3% and 35.7% of the pro forma company, respectively……. Roxgold owns and operates the high-grade Yaramoko Gold Mine located on the Houndé greenstone belt in Burkina Faso and is also advancing the development and exploration of the Séguéla Gold Project located in Côte d’Ivoire”.  
  • Silver Spruce Resources Inc. signed the definitive agreement with Colibri Resources on the Diamante 1 and Diamante 2 concessions in Sonora. Silver Spruce can acquire up to 50% interest on the 1,057 hectares spanning both projects. The deal involves a third Mexican private company.
  • Empress Royalty Corp. has funded the initial payment of $2 M of the $5 M silver stream agreement on the Tahuehueto project, Durango, owned by Telson Mining Corp.. The Stream is part of a US$25M full financing solution being provided to Telson by Empress and its partners, Accendo Banco and Endeavour Financial.  


  • Peñoles donated 5,000 tree saplings to San Pedro de Las Colonias, Coahuila.

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On the image below:  A breccia outcrop from a project in Sinaloa. Picture by Jorge Cirett.

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