The Mining and Exploration News in Mexico: Highlights on the Third Week of April, 2020


By Jorge Cirett

During the 16th week of the year (April 13th to April 19th, 2020), at least 25 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. ON MEXICO ISSUES, the lost fluorite production by Minera Las Cuevas might translate into a health risk. Almaden Minerals makes public answers to claims by an NGO. Camimex asks the federal government to be blanketed under the “essential figure that would permit mines to operate under the Coronavirus emergency; the organization also stressed the health and sanitary benefits of a range of mined elements. First Majestic asked for silver mining to be considered an “essential” industry. ON EXPLORATION, in Zacatecas, Alien Metals informed on an induced polarization survey results at its Donovan 2 project. In Jalisco, GoGold Resources released drilling results for 10 more holes at the Los Ricos project.  ON MINING, First Majestic, Torex Gold, Fortuna Silver, Avino Silver, Sierra Metals and McEwen Mining released first quarter 2020 results. ON FINANCING, SilverCrest conducted a non-brokered private placement, raising C$101 M. Vizsla Resources is to commence trading at the OTCQB Venture Market. Oroco is to amend the term of 1.8 M warrants by three months. Impact Silver is raise up to C$2 M. ON RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT, GR Silver released results from historical drill holes at its Plomosas project in Sinaloa. Golden Minerals released a PEA on its Rodeo project, Durango. ON DEALS AND CORPORATE ISSUES, Dyna Resource updated on the results of the favorable ruling upon completion of the legal battle over the shares of the company and its San Jose de Gracia project in Sinaloa. Telson Mining entered into a letter agreement with Trafigura, regarding  the renegotiation on the service of its debt. ON SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Grupo Mexico, Fresnillo PLC and Newmont Goldcorp provided notes on how the companies are aiding the communities and the local governments to address the Coronavirus emergency. Minera Autlan is helping to clear a road blocking landslide in Hidalgo.


  • Las Cuevas mine halt in operations in San Luis Potosi, a medical risk. Camimex released a bulletin highlighting the importance to keep the mine operating, as it produces fluorite, used in the elaboration of breath inhalators.
  • Minera Gorrión explains against unfounded bribe accusation. The Almaden Minerals subsidiary sustains the claim has been made by a non-governmental organization which aspires to change the mining law. The company dropped the mining concessions on the Ejido de Tecoltemic several years ago, whose land is located at least seven kilometers away upstream of the proposed pit limit for the Ixtaca project in Puebla.
  • Camimex informed of the sanitary and health benefits of several mined elements. On its pledge to obtain the “essential” industry categorization under the Coronavirus to release the mines for operation, stressed on a bulletin the known health and sanitary benefits of copper, silver, zinc and fluorite.
  • First Majestic asked the Mexican government to consider silver mining as an essential business during the Coronavirus outbreak. The major silver producers in Mexico are Fresnillo PLC, Newmont Goldcorp (Peñasquito), Grupo Mexico, Pan American Silver, Peñoles and First Majestic.


  • Alien Metals Ltd. informed a recently completed induced polarization survey at its Donovan 2 project in Zacatecas. The survey was carried out in February, consisting in 9.45 line kilometers over 11 lines, producing several targets. Float samples in the area undercover have returned results in the 1.0% to 3.3% Cu range, highlighting the Cu-Au potential of the project, which is less than 10 km from Teck’s San Nicolas deposit.
  • GoGold Resources Inc. released the results for ten diamond drill holes at its Los Ricos project in Jalisco. Four holes were drilled in the San Juan area, and six in the Main area. Highlighted core length intervals comprise: 33.5 m @ 0.32 gpt Au, 52 gpt Ag (including 4.9 m @ 1.58 gpt Au, 211 gpt Ag); 13.6 m @ 0.25 gpt Au, 74 gpt Ag; 22.1 m @ 0.31 gpt Au, 42 gpt Ag; 5.6 m @ 1.41 gpt Au, 181 gpt Ag; 27.6 m @ 0.31 gpt Au, 63 gpt Ag; 25.7 m @ 0.48 gpt Au, 56.5 gpt Au; 10.6 m @ 1.42 gpt Au, 264 gpt Ag; 31.8 m @ 0.11 gpt Au, 36 gpt Ag; 33.0 m @ 1.2 gpt Au, 193 gpt Ag.


  • First Majestic Silver Corp. announced total production for the first quarter 2020 reached 3.2 M Oz Ag, 32,202 Oz Au, or 6.2 M Oz Ag Eq.First Majestic Q1 2020 production1
  • Torex Gold Resources Inc. released gold production for the first quarter 2020. The company processed 12,460 tpd (tonnes per day), average mining rates were 1,110 tpd for underground and 19,080 tpd for open pit mining, to produce 108,530 Oz Au at its El Limon-Guajes mine in Guerrero.
  • Fortuna Silver Mines Ltd. reported results for the first quarter 2020, including figures from its Mexican operations in Mexico. At the San José mine in Oaxaca 246.8 K tonnes were processed at a rate of 2,837 tpd @ 216 gpt Ag, 1.33 gpt Au, recovering 91.7% Ag, 91.3% Au, to produce 1.57 M Oz Ag, 9,630 Oz Au.
  • Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. released production results for the first quarter 2020. At the Avino mine in Durango, 164.1 K tonnes were processed at a grade of 57 gpt Ag, 0.40 gpt Au, 0.57% Cu, recovering 89% Ag, 73% Au, 86% Cu, to produce 266.7 K Oz Ag, 1,531 Oz Au, 1.8 M Lb Cu, or 683.9 K Oz AgEq.
  • Sierra Metals Inc. announced first quarter 2020 production, including figures for its operations in Mexico. At Bolivar, in Chihuahua, 377.6 K tonnes were processed at 4,315 tpd grading 0.89% Cu, 21.1 gpt Ag, 0.28 gpt Au; recovering 85.91% Cu, 82.01% Ag, 63.89% Au, to produce 6.4 M Lb Cu, 210 K Oz Ag, 2,191 Oz Au, or 9.15 M Lb Cu. At Cusi, also in Chihuahua, 77.9 K tonnes were processed at 890 tpd rate, grading 120.88 gpt Ag, 0.18 gpt Au, 0.33% Pb; recovering 80.21% Ag, 46.53% Au, 84.17% Pb, to produce 243 K Oz Ag, 212 Oz Au, 471 K Oz Pb.
  • McEwen Mining Inc. presented production results for Q1 2020, including figures from its operations in Mexico. At El Gallo, in Sinaloa, produced 2,737 Oz AuEq from residual leaching of the heap leach pad.


  • SilverCrest Metals Inc. is conducting a non-brokered private placement for gross proceeds of C$75 M, with provisions to increase the offering to C$100 M. Later on the week SilverCrest announced the over-subscribed completion of the placement  for C$101 M in gross profits. The Company is to use the net proceeds on the continued exploration and development of the Las Chispas project, Sonora.
  • Vizsla Resources Corp. announced its shares are to commence trading on the OTCQB Venture Market in the United States (Panuco, Sinaloa).
  • Oroco Resource Corp. intends to apply to the TSX Venture for approval to amend the term of 1.8 M outstanding share purchase warrants by extending the period by three months (Santo Tomás, Sinaloa).
  • Impact Silver Corp. entered into an agreement with a syndicate of investors led by Palisades Goldcorp Ltd., to raise up to $2 M in gross proceeds, with no finders fee on this transaction (Zacualpan District, Estado de Mexico).


  • GR Silver Mining Ltd. Released drill results from historical holes at the San Juan area of the Plomosas project in Sinaloa. Highlighted true width interval results comprise: 3.0 m @ 1,419 gpt Ag, 15.50 gpt Au, 0.2% Zn; 5.4 m @ 104 gpt Ag, .09 gpt Au, 0.9% Zn, 0.3% Pb; 20.0 m @ 74 gpt Ag, 0.08 gpt Au, 3.3% Zn, 1.3% Pb; 6.1 m @ 152 gpt Ag, 1.33 gpt Au; 2.5 m @ 207 gpt Ag, 1.2% Zn, 0.7% Pb. The drill results were generated on campaigns by Grupo Mexico (1982-2000) and First Majestic Silver (2016-2018), previous project operators.
  • Golden Minerals Co. released results from a PEA (Preliminary Economic Assessment) on its Rodeo open pit project in Durango. The study points to a2.25 years life of mine (LOM) with average 3.31 gpt Au, 9.6 gpt Ag to produce 34 K Oz Au, 89 K Oz Ag at cash cost $798 per Oz AuEq and AISC $843 per Oz AuEq.


  • DynaResource Inc. and its subsidiary DynaResource de México S.A. de C.V. announced that on February 20, 2020 “a México City court issued its Final Judgment, effectively foreclosing on all shares of DynaMéxico formerly held by Goldgroup Resources Inc., and awarding those shares to DynaMéxico. DynaResource stated that the ruling means Goldgroup resources retains no shares and shareholders rights in DynaMéxico, and owes to DynaMéxico US$48.3 M in damages, and that DynaMéxico owns 100% of the San José de Gracia project in Sinaloa.
  • Telson Mining Corp. entered into a letter agreement with Trafigura Mexico S. A. de C.V., acknowledging the default in debt obligations by Telson, and setting guidelines for debt repayment. Among the terms, stands out that Telson might sell some assets to fulfill its debt obligations (Campo Morado, Guerrero).


  • Grupo Mexico delivered 13 ventilators to the Sonora government. The equipment is intended for use in the Coronavirus emergency in the Cananea zone. The equipment was installed at the Hospital General de Cananea.
  • Fresnillo PLC donated personal protection material and sanitary products to the Hospital Comunitario (Hospital Comunitario) in Guadalupe y Calvo, Chihuahua. Among the material delivered were 50 Tyvek protection suits , 40 liters of disinfectant gel, 1,000 glove sets, 50 protective glasses and 200 N-95 masks.
  • Newmont Goldcorp (Peñasquito) created a global fund of US$20 M to aid on the Coronavirus crisis. The aim is to help local vulnerable groups, governments and employees during the hard times induced by the Coronavirus. Some of the actions that have commenced to unfold include the delivery of 500 protection suits for those in the front lines of patient care, 3,000 cleaning sets, and 500 Coronavirus detection tests.
  • Minera Autlán is helping on clearing a landslide. The phenomenon affected the Hueyapa-Tlanchinol road in Hidalgo, resulting in food shortages in nearby communities.

Content like what you have just read can be seen at and at LinkedIn’s Mexico Mineral Exploration Group.

On the image below: Hematite-goethite stained quartz vein in an orogenic gold system, Oaxaca. Picture by Jorge Cirett.


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