July 3, 2017. Thompson Falls, Montana. United States Antimony Corporation (“USAC”, NYSE MKT “UAMY”) reported that following the milling of 400 metric tons of Los Juarez gold/silver/antimony at the Puerto Blanco mill in Guanajuato, Mexico that it will proceed with the cyanide circuit to increase the recoveries of both the silver and gold from the flotation mill tailings. Initial results of the floatation assays without the cyanide circuit are as follows:

Item Gold Silver Antimony
Heads 0.035 opmt 3.27 opmt 0.652%
Tails 0.016 opmt 1.618 opmt 0.348%
Recovered grade 0.019 opmt 1.65 opmt 0.17%
% recovery 52.8% 49.6% 31.5

(opmt = ounces per metric ton)

The flotation concentrate contained 2.52 opmt gold, 496.4 opmt silver, and 52.0% antimony. The floatation concentrates will be processed by the caustic leach circuit which is operational.

Cyanide testing of the mill tailings has indicated excellent recoveries, and the antimony recovery has been on the order of 70% at lower depths. The estimated recovery of the values after the caustic leach and cyanide circuit of the tailings is as follows:

Metal Assay Recovery Value Value /mt
Gold 0.035 opmt 90% $1,250/oz $39.38
Silver 3.27 opmt 90% $16.50/oz $48.56
Antimony 0.652% 70% $3.90/lb $39.12
Total $127.06

Construction of the cyanide leach circuit for the Puerto Blanco mill tailings will begin when the permit is approved by SEMARNAT (Mexican equivalent of the EPA). Tentatively, the plan is to leach in Mexico and handle the second part of the process in Montana which is expected to cut Capex costs significantly, reduce operating costs, and expedite the start of the circuit.

Following are the sales estimates for Q2 2017 compared to Q2 2016:

Product Q2 2017 Q2 2016 % change
Antimony pounds 505,760 732,802 -31.0
Zeolite tons 3,352 4,218 -20.5
Silver ounces 17,552.32 29,219.25 -39.9
Gold ounces 61.1552 76.09 -19.62

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