Gold Resource Corporation Subtantially Expands Arista Mine with 200 meter Switchback Step Drill Intercept

COLORADO SPRINGS – January 12, 2017 – Gold Resource Corporation (NYSE MKT: GORO) (the “Company”) today announced the most significant expansion of its Switchback vein system to date with a greater than 200 meter step-out drill intercept at the Aguila Project’s Arista mine. Gold Resource Corporation is a gold and silver producer, developer and explorer with operations in Oaxaca, Mexico and Nevada, USA. The Company has returned $109 million to shareholders in monthly dividends since commercial production commenced July 1, 2010, and offers shareholders the option to convert their cash dividends into physical gold and silver and take delivery. From an underground exploration drill pad located on level 14 of the Arista Mine’s Arista vein system, a drill hole targeting a greater than 200 meter step-out on the Switchback vein system intercepted multiple high-grade veins. At least six (6) veins were intercepted in Hole 516147, significantly extending the Switchback vein system mineralization to the northwest and extending the system from approximately 300 meters of strike length to now over 500 meters of strike. The Switchback vein system remains open in all directions.

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