Telson Resources Inc. Initiates Processing of Tahuehueto Ore to Recover Lead and Zinc Concentrates at the Atocha Toll Mill

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Vancouver, British Columbia, July 31, 2017 – Telson Resources Inc. (“Telson” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture – TSN.V) is pleased to announce that processing of Tahuehueto ore for mineral recovery at the Atocha toll mill is underway. It is planned to process the ore at 300 tonnes or more per day. To date approximately 4,600 tonnes of ore has been delivered to the Atocha mill site and approximately 1,500 tonnes of this ore has been processed through the sulfide flotation mill circuit to recover metal concentrates. A further 900 tonnes have been mined and are stockpiled at the Tahuehueto mine site pending delivery to the Atocha mill. Mining is continuing underground from the Level 10 ore shoot estimated to contain at least 50,000 tonnes.
Telson intends to continue mining on a continuous basis to generate cash proceeds during the Tahuehueto mine construction phase.

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