Other ore deposits types with published resources in the Altiplano

Other ore deposits with published resources that occur in the Mexican Altiplano are Sierra Mojada´s MVT (or CRD?) deposit, Francisco I Madero deposit of SEDEX affinity, the Samalayuca stratiform copper deposit and the VMS deposit of San Nicolas. There is one deposit with published resources (all inclusive) for each of these mineralization styles in the Altiplano.

Bull Silver´s Sierra Mojada deposit is controversial since it has been considered as a MVT deposit, but some authors consider it as a CRD. Ag-Pb-Zn mineralization is related to karst breccias and extensive dolomitization in sedimentary rocks of Cretaceous age. It also occurs as stratabound mantos and disseminations. Sierra Mojada has published resources (all inclusive) for over 91.1M Oz Ag, 56.5 M Lb Cu, 398.8 M Lb Pb, and 3.6B Lb Zn.

Francisco I Madero deposit, owned by Peñoles is a SEDEX occurrence overprinted by skarn mineralization. The SEDEX consists of several mantos and disseminations hosted by a thick calcareous-pelitic sequence characterized by an extensive halo of pyrite-pyrrothite with clay, chlorite, epidote and some magnetite. Francisco I Madero has published resources (all inclusive) for over 26 M Oz Ag, 65 M Lb Cu, 631 M Lb Pb, and 1.9B Lb Zn.

VVC Exploration Corp´s Samalayuca property is a sediment-hosted copper mineralization associated with Jurassic (?) sandstones. Samalayuca has published resources (all inclusive) for over 765K Oz Ag and 42.5M Lb Cu.

Teck´s San Nicolas deposit is a VMS deposit hosted by an assemblage of marine volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Upper Jurassic- Lower Cretaceous age known as the Chilitos Formation. San Nicolas has published resources (all inclusive) for over 1.45M Oz Au, 84.8 M Oz Ag, 2.8B Lb Cu, 3.6B lb Zn.

The table below shows tonnages, grades, as well as gold, silver, copper resources, lead, and zinc (all inclusive) for each of these deposits.

resources in other ore deposits that ocurr in the altiplano



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