Intermediate Sulphidation Epithermal veins, stockworks and disseminated deposits in the Altiplano

Intermediate sulfidation epithermal deposits are the most conspicuous mineralization style in the Mexican Altiplano, being widespread across this prolific region. Significant resources of several commodities are hosted in deposits of this affiliation, which is related to Tertiary volcanic-intrusive activity and is characterized by veins, stockworks and disseminations.

To date, thirty one intermediate sulphidation epithermal deposits in the Altiplano contain resources (all inclusive) for over 24.3 M oz Au, 3,544 M oz Ag, 957 M Lb Cu, 11,958 B Lb Pb and 24,271 B Lb Zn. Fresnillo (owned by Fresnillo Plc), has a mining history of more than 500 years, and the biggest resource in the region with over 2 M Oz Au, 982 M Oz Ag, 2,918 M Lb Pb, and 5,830 M Lb Zn at grades of 0.70 g/t Au, 328.53 g/t Ag, 1.42% Pb, and 2.85% Zn. Other significant deposits nearby Fresnillo and owned by the same company are Saucito, with over 2 M Oz Au, 563 M Oz Ag, 1,513 M Lb Pb, and 2,940 M Lb Zn at grades of 1.38 g/t Au, 359.12 g/t Ag, 1.41% Pb and 2.74 % Zn as well as the Juanicipio´s Fresnillo Plc-Mag Silver with over 810 K Oz Au, 205 M Oz Ag, 626 M Lb Pb, and 1,133 M Lb Zn at grades of 1.72 g/t Au, 433.90 g/t Ag, 1.94% Pb, and 3.50 % Zn. Two more deposits worth to mention of intermediate sulphidation affinity are Camino Rojo of Goldcorp with over 10.2 M Oz Au, 102 M Oz Ag, 439 M Lb Pb, and 1,539 M Lb Zn at grades of 0.81 g/t Au, 8.07 g/t Ag, 0.05% Pb, and 1.16% Zn and the Pitarrilla´s Silver Standard with over 739 M Oz Ag, 1,917 M Lb Pb and 4,384 M Lb Zn at grades of 81.37 g/t Ag, 0.31% Pb and 0.70% Zn.

In addition, several exploration programs carried out by different mining companies in the Altiplano have identifed plenty of intermediate sulphidation prospects and projects. Hopefully. more resources will be discovered in the next future to add them to this mining-friendly juridisccion of Mexico.

The table below shows tonnages, grades, as well as gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc resources for each of these deposits.

intermediate sulphidation epithermal deposits_vein-stckws-diss at the altiplano

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