Canuc samples high grade underground and confirms mineralized Breccia on surface

Canuc Resources Corporation (“Canuc” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: CDA) reports high grade silver and gold assays from recent sampling of underground workings and from the Carranza breccia zones exposed on surface, nearby.
A 3-D modeling exercise indicates a concentration of higher grade silver and gold results in underground workings either side of a north-south fault that cross cuts the Santa Rosa mine workings. A program of check sampling was recently carried out to confirm and extend these high grade results along the Polvorin level located west of this fault.
The north-south fault that intersects the Santa Rosa Vein (SRV) trend is deemed to be geologically important as a carrier for silver and gold mineralization. It has been recently recognized that the Carranza and Cerro Colorado breccia zones, which manifest on surface, lie at the intersections of the north-south faults and the NE-SW SRV trend. There are at least four such north-south faults that cross the property.

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