Intermediate sulfidation deposits in veins in the Sierra Madre del Sur

Tertiary volcanism in the Sierra Madre del Sur generated epithermal mineralization systems, of which many are of intermediate sulfidation affiliation. Those are distributed across the region, and resources have been published for three of them.
The El Aguila Mine of Gold Resource Corp in Oaxaca is the largest so far, with almost 160 K Oz Au and over 16 M Oz Ag, with significant copper, lead and zinc credits. Impact Silver’s Zacualpan Mine and the Arroyo Seco project of Endeavour Silver also host resources, but these are not as significant. There is a good number of intermediate sulfidation vein prospects and projects in the region.
The numbers we manage are largely from technical reports, company’s websites or yearly filings to the stock exchange, most to the end of 2014.

Table Intermediate sulfidation deposits in veins11

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