Mexico’s Best Drilling Intercepts, Third Week of November 2023

Only Torex Gold released during the week drilling results from a project in Mexico. Given that El Limón-Guajes is one of the top gold producers in the country with over 85,000 Oz of gold on Q3, 2023), this is a good opportunity to expand a little bit on the project with information provided by the company on the news release.

“Skarn-hosted gold mineralization develops along contacts of the intrusive rocks and carbonate-rich sedimentary rocks of the Cuautla and Morelos formations, as well as along the footwall contact of the Mezcala Formation….. Gold mineralization at ELG occurs in special association with a skarn body that was developed along a 2-kilometre-long corridor following the northeast contact of the ELG granodiorite stock…. Early-stage deposition corresponds to skarn alteration and mineralization at ELG and is fairly typical of calcic gold-skarn systems. Zones of coarse, massive, garnet-dominant skarn appear within and along the stock margin, with fine-grained pyroxene-dominant skarn more common at greater distances from the contact with the stock. Significant gold mineralization at ELG is spatially associated with the skarn, preferentially occurring in pyroxene-rich exoskarn but also hosted in garnet-rich endoskarn that has been affected by retrograde alteration, which suggests that the most important gold event is late stage and of epithermal origin”.

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