Mexico’s Best Copper Intercepts on Q3 2023

Six companies reported interesting copper intercepts from projects in Mexico during the quarter. Avino Silver’s results from the deeper portions of the Avino vein in Durango and Sierra Metals’ from the Bolivar mine in Chihuahua were the strongest. Avino’s geologists are evaluating the potential to a near porphyry environment on the deepest parts of the Avino vein, as the increase in copper grade suggests, in what so far is regarded as an intermediate sulfidation epithermal system. At Bolivar, the copper mineralization is in a skarn system, likely to be associated to a porphyry copper system, like the one in Bahuerachi, a few kilometers away.

Two deposits from the Guerrero Gold Belt, El Limón Guajes Underground and the EPO deposit, both owned by Torex Gold, returned good copper grades. The deposits are associated to gold skarns in the contact of intrusive rocks with Mesozoic sedimentary rocks. Cerro Los Gatos in Chihuahua and the Don David mine in Oaxaca are part of intermediate sulfidation epithermal systems.

Please note all the results below are from operating mines (or near mine), not a single exploration project posted copper intercepts.

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