Vancouver, British Columbia (September 6, 2017) – Oroco Resource Corp. (“Oroco”) (TSXV: OCO)announces that it has entered into a mineral exploration agreement with Auracle Geospatial Science Inc., a highly advanced remote sensing service provider. The contract relates to identified mineral resource targets in Mexico.

Auracle has customized an initial two-phase data collection and analysis project for Oroco. Offering specific deliverables, the contract is intended to be implemented immediately.

In the first phase, Auracle will build a 3D Radar Model defining surface and near surface structure and lithological domains. The model will identify and prioritize areas suitable for a second phase of analysis, wherein high resolution WorldView-3 satellite imagery is acquired, fused and analyzed with the data and products of the first phase. Employing its proprietary algorithms, Auracle extracts strike and dip measurements to further define the structure within the area of interest, thereby producing the complete 3D Bare Sub-Surface Model and upgraded geology map.

“We are very pleased to work with such a uniquely capable remote sensing company,” commented Craig Dalziel, Oroco President & CEO. “Auracle is an ideal choice for Oroco given Auracle’s unique scientific expertise along with their first-priority data acquisition relationship with satellite operators MDA and DigitalGlobe. The custom program Auracle has developed for Oroco offers a highly cost-effective method in prioritizing exploration targets with exceptional accuracy. Combining our geological team with Auracle’s proprietary data fusion algorithms presents an ideal opportunity for Oroco to effectively expedite its exploration and acquisition plans.”

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