Alset Energy Announces Name Change To Better Reflect Its Goals

April 04, 2017 Vancouver, British Columbia: Alset Energy Corp. (TSXV: ION) (“Alset” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it will be changing its name to Alset Minerals Corp., while keeping its current stock symbol. The name change reflects the company’s broader focus and commitment of developing its Mexican salar projects, which can potentially serve a wide spectrum of agriculture, chemicals and industrial minerals markets, in addition to its lithium focus.

While a large portion of Mexico’s GDP comes from farming, most of their potassium is imported resulting in the high price of fertilizer. As a result, most small farmers have limited access to these products. This issue is such a significant problem that the Mexican government instigated what they call a “National Crusade Against Hunger” in January 2013. Fertilizer components such as potassium and boron are found in Alset’s Mexican salars and as such have the potential to compliment the efforts of Mexican farmers and their domestic needs.

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