Prospero Stakes Epithermal Vein System in Hidalgo State Mexico

Prospero Silver Corp. (TSX.V: PSL) (“the Company” or “Prospero”) is pleased to announce that it has staked a high level epithermal vein system 85 kilometers northwest of Pachuca, Hidalgo State, Mexico; the closest town is Zimapan. Known as La Florida, the property covers 4,690 hectares.

The La Florida vein system is at least 3.5 kilometers long and strikes N70°W, dipping steeply to the SW. The property is located close to excellent infrastructure, and Hidalgo is one of the safest states in the Mexican Republic. The target area occurs within the western boundary of Sierra Madre Oriental where other proximal deposits such as Pachuca-Real del Monte, Zimapan, and La Negra are located.

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