Magellan Gold Corporation Announces Agreements to Enhance Balance Sheet and Shareholder Update

Magellan Gold Corporation_081019_nr

Reno, NV —- Magellan Gold Corporation (OTCQB:MAGE) (“Magellan” or the “Company”) today announced agreements effective September 30, 2019 (the “Agreements”) with its primary secured creditors and largest shareholder to convert an aggregate of $2.45 million of outstanding debt obligations (including a secured line of credit, outstanding promissory notes and advances) into a newly-created series of Preferred Shares of the Company (“Preferred Shares”). The Preferred Shares will carry a $2.45 million liquidation preference, subject to adjustments, be convertible into common stock at $1.00 per share and bear a 10% annual dividend payable in kind at the option of the Company. The Agreements release and reduce liens on certain assets of the Company and convert portions of both its secured and unsecured debt holdings to Preferred Shares in order enhance the balance sheet and facilitate new financing arrangements.

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