CAMIMEX presents figures on the Mexican Mining Industry

CAMIMEX’s president, Fernando Alaniz, presented figures from the Mexican Mining industry on  the AIMMGM’s conference held in Hermosillo from October 24th to October 26th. The Mining Fund collected from mineral royalties in Mexico, supplied in 2017 $4,206 million pesos (about US$ 220 M), accruing more than $12,000 million pesos (over US$631 M) on the last four years. In 2017 alone, $28,806 million pesos (US$1,516 M) were paid on income tax, and an additional $4,726 million pesos (US$248.7 M) were invested by mining companies in the communities and environment where they are located. The payment of mining duties on mining concessions in 2017 was $2,525 million pesos (US$132.9 M). The total of Mining duties, mining fund and Income Tax for 2017 add up to $35,537 million pesos (US$ 1,870 M).

IMG_7114 - copia

The average salary of a miner is 3.4 to 5.0 times the official minimum salary, not including the 10% payment on yearly profit by the employer (PTU).

In the last 12 years the direct investment on the Mexican mining sector has been US $51,445 M, but investment in exploration has decreased 63% from 2012 to 2016. In the attractiveness index for investment Mexico has gone from the 11th place in 2011 to the 44th place in 2018, with land access, rule of law, security, new taxes and a heavy increase on mining duties blamed for the fall in ranking. At the same time our direct competitors for investment in the mining industry Peru passed from the 39th to the 19th position, and Chile from the 6th to the 8th position.

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According to Alanis, the main causes for the fall in competitiveness include over regulation and red tape, uncertainty in the determination of environmentally protected areas and a distorted image of the industry before communities and society.

IMG_7125 - copia

Points addressed by Alanis to make of Mexico a mining country include improvements in security, a better infrastructure (railways, ports), certainty on land rights, a common ground with other mining countries in fiscal terms, administrative efficiency in the application and issuing of mining concession titles and certainty and transparency in the timely granting of permits.


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