Gold recovery equipment successfully tested at Santa Elena mine


CABORCA, SONORA STATE, MEXICO, December 18th, 2017 (GLOBENEWSWIRE) — Mexus Gold US (OTCQB: MXSG)(“Mexus” or the “Company”) announced that staff at the Santa Elena mine have successfully smelted and produced gold from the newly installed Merrill Crowe system.  These results confirm that the system will work in capturing gold and silver from the pregnant solution and will enable the mine engineers to begin the ramp up of the system to a 24 hour a day operation.  This milestone was the last step before full production can begin at the Santa Elena mine.  The crew will continue to run the Merrill Crowe system intermittently until the end of the year.  The company is working on additional security measures which are necessary before full production can begin.  A licensed and bonded security firm has been hired to begin 24 hour watch of all happenings at the mine site.  It is expected that guards will be on site by the end of the year.  In addition, a video system is being installed which will allow for remote monitoring of the mine site.

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