Copper Resources in the Sierra Madre del Sur

The Sierra Madre del Sur does not have the copper mining pedigree of Northwest Mexico, but the potential is there, as attested by clusters of porphyry copper projects in Michoacan and Chiapas, and the more discrete occurrences in Guerrero and Oaxaca. In this region copper has been measured as a resource in eleven properties, which encompass porphyries, skarns, intermediate sulfidation veins and VMS deposits. The total copper resource for the region is over 10 billion pounds of copper (> 4.5 M tons).

Cu Resources Map, SM del Sur11


Not surprisingly the largest resource is in a porphyry style deposit, La Verde in Michoacan. At a grade of 0.39% Cu, this project is part of a JV between Catalyst Copper Resources and Teck, and has a resource of over 6.4 B Lb of copper. The next deposit in size is the skarn of Media Luna in Guerrero, owned by Torex Gold Resources, with 1.1 B Lb of copper at a grade of almost 1% Cu. El Tepal in Michoacan is a copper gold porphyry owned by Geologix, with 933 M Lb Cu at a grade of 0.19% Cu. From there the size of deposits decreases rapidly, with the polymetallic skarn of Cobre Grande in Oaxaca grading 0.5 % Cu and having a resource of 545 M Lb Cu, and the polymetallic volcanogenic massive sulfides of Campo Morado and Rey de Plata, having resources of over 300 M Lb Cu each, and grades of 0.89 % and 0.82% Cu respectively. The remaining properties with resources include a small porphyry, La Balsa, a VMS, Tizapa, two intermediate sulfidation vein systems, El Aguila and Zacualpan, and the Taxco hybrid system of skarn and intermediate sulfidation veins.

Copper resources table, SM del Sur1

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