Mexus Increasing Gold Production Capacity At Santa Elena Mine


CABORCA, Mexico, January 4th, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mexus Gold US (OTCQB: MXSG) (“Mexus” or the “Company) released an update on mining operations at its Santa Elena mine located in Caborca, Sonora State, MX. Over the past few months the company has replaced the original heap leach pad and added mineralized material from the Mexus III pit. This area has an impressive geological structure as a mixed oxide thrust shear zone with shattered quartz fragments and some quartz stock work near the major quartz vein. An additional 5000 tons of this material will be crushed and ready to leach by January 5th. This material runs .9 to 1.2 gpt Au head ore with pregnant solution returning to the pond expected at .29 to .36 gpt Au to start. This additional tonnage will increase our pregnant solution flow from 27gpm to 45gpm with 100gpm expected to be reached by February 1st. As additional tons of mineralized material are placed on the pad the square feet of surface area increases allowing for additional cyanide solution to leach. The company expects to reach 350gpm by mid-2021.

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