SilverCrest Announces Babicanora Area Final In-fill Drill Results For Feasibility Study Resource Estimation


VANCOUVER, BC – January 14, 2021 – SilverCrest Metals Inc. (“SilverCrest” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the remaining in-fill drill results which will be included in the upcoming Feasibility Study for its Las Chispas Property (“Las Chispas” or the “Property”) located in Sonora, Mexico. Today’s results include in-fill drilling for the Babicanora (“Babi Main”), the Babicanora Footwall (“Babi FW”), the Babicanora Hangingwall (“Babi HW”) and Babicanora Sur (“Babi Sur”) veins (see attached Figures). Drilling for these veins was designed to expand the known mineralized footprints, and to in-fill previously reported drilling used for resource estimation in the Technical Report and Preliminary Economic Assessment for Las Chispas (“PEA”) with an effective date of May 15, 2019, and amended on July 19, 2019. These results, along with all assay data received by the Company up to and including the cut-off date of October 16, 2020, will be incorporated into the Mineral Resource Estimate update and Maiden Reserve Estimate as part of the upcoming Feasibility Study.

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