AERI Geophysics Defines Significant Anomaly at San Acacio

AERI Geophysics Defines Significant… _ Defiance Silver Corp_

Defiance Silver Corp. (“Defiance”) is pleased to announce the results from a recently completed geophysics program employing Atomic Energy Resonance Imaging (“AERI”) technology. This cutting-edge technology recently completed its proof-of-concept testing resulting in multiple new discoveries in North America. At the San Acacio project, it identified a significant anomaly at depth, coincident with the recently delineated Induced Polarization (“IP”) target (see Defiance News Release dated February 28, 2018). The AERI defined the anomaly starting at a depth of 200m and continuing past the detection limit of the technology at 1000m depth. The pipe shaped anomaly measures 400m in width, 300m in length, and is open at depth. The shape, size and mineral zonation of the AERI anomaly compares favourably with geophysical images generated by Capstone Mining on their nearby Cozamin Mine.

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