GoGold Announces New Trenching Results from Santa Gertrudis Gold Mine


HALIFAX, Oct. 19, 2016 GoGold Resources Inc. (TSX: GGD) (“GoGold”) is pleased to announce that it has uncovered additional zones of high grade gold on surface at the Greta project at itsSanta Gertrudis Gold Mine located in Sonora state, Mexico. GoGold’s Trench 318 uncovered (18m of 32.8 g/t Au). The largest zone of a few areas consists of three subparallel zones of mineralization that dip about 20° to the west and has dimensions of 660 meters along the north-south strike and 370 meters down dip. This zone is approximately 12 meters thick and is tightly confined to a thin layer that gives the appearance of a bedding plane or a flat-lying structural zone. The zone is notable for a very high-grade gold layer from one to ten meters thick that outcrops on surface in numerous locations.

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