Lead-Zinc Resources in the Altiplano

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The Mexican Altiplano mining region has the biggest endowment in Pb-Zn resources in the country, and is host to the two largest Pb-Zn ore deposits: Peñasquito and Cordero. The Altiplano has total public all- inclusive resources of 26.7 B lb Pb and 71 B lb Zn, including the two giant deposits of Peñasquito, with 6,245 M lb Pb and 14.6 B lb Zn, and Cordero, with 5,139 M lb Pb and 9,616 M lb Zn.

Pb-Zn resources occur in several mineralization styles, such as intermediate-sulphidation epithermal, Mississipi valley type (MVT), volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS), carbonate replacement (CRD), skarn, and sedimentary exhalative (SEDEX). From the total resources outlined to date in the region, 43% of the Pb resources and 34% of the Zn resources are in the intermediate-sulphidation deposits of Goldcorp´s Peñasquito and Levon´s Cordero, making this the most relevant lead & zinc mineralization style, along with the carbonate replacement and skarn categories.

Other significant Pb-Zn deposits present in the Altiplano are Silver Standard´s Pitarrilla with 1,917 M lb Pb and 4,384 M lb Zn, followed by the Fresnillo and Saucito deposits held by Fresnillo Plc., with 2,055 M lb Pb and 4,081 M lb Zn, and 1,093 M lb Pb and 1.983 M lb Zn respectively.

Many significant carbonate replacement, skarn and intermediate-sulphidation epithermal deposits with more than 350 M lb Pb and more than 1 B lb Zn occur in the Altiplano and are widespread in the region, making the Altiplano a high-priority region to explore for additional Pb-Zn resources.

The table below shows tonnages, grades, as well as lead-zinc resources (all inclusive) for each of these deposits.

published lead-zinc resources in the altiplano

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