Lead-Zinc Resources in the Sierra Madre del Sur

The Sierra Madre del Sur is not known for its lead-zinc endowment, but there are at least a few properties with significant resources. So far only seven properties (five of which are mines) have published mineral resources in these metals, which are contained in VMS, Skarn, and intermediate sulfidation type deposits. The total lead resource for the region is a bit over 900 million pounds, whereas the zinc resources reach 3.6 billion pounds. All the lead-zinc is produced in polymetallic assemblages or as by-product of precious metals mining.

Lead-Zinc Resources Map, SM del Sur171

The largest resources are hosted in two volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits, Nyrstar’s Campo Morado, in Guerrero, with 1.3 billion pounds of zinc and 297 million pounds of lead, and Tizapa, in Mexico State, owned by Peñoles, hosting over 1.2 billion pounds of zinc and 299 million pounds of lead. The skarn and intermediate sulfidation mineralization in Taxco, Guerrero, hosts some lead-zinc resources, but the figures in the table represent the average resources of 5 mining units of IMMSA, that are not reported separately. Cobre Grande in Oaxaca, where most of the resources are in a skarn associated to a porphyry copper intrusion, hosts over 240 million pounds of zinc, whereas El Aguila and Zacualpan each count 148 and 100 million pounds of zinc and a few tens of millions of pounds of lead. El Aguila mine, owned by Gold Resource Corp, is located in Oaxaca, and Impact Silver’s Zacualpan mine is in Mexico State.

Lead-Zinc resources table, SM del Sur111

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